Why you should join the WA Program

 Are you looking for a trusted online platform to start your own business, or maybe you want to learn how to build a profitable business online?  


 The   Wealthy Affiliate platform is what I would recommend for anyone looking for a genuine way to make money online, here is why. 

There are so many benefits too long to list here however let’s look at just some of what you get depending on which membership you opt-in for.

One thing to note is that Wealthy Affiliate was first introduced back in 2005 and now just 16 years later they are growing stronger than ever before.

With so many benefits available for its member’s Wealthy Affiliate give back to its members in many areas.

This is the true value that has always been at the forefront of the Wealthy Affiliate attitude Pay It Forward.

Along the way the two amazing Co-founders Kyle and Carson have learned the right ways to become successful affiliate marketers and over their early years, they have seen the pitfalls and successes of many.

Affiliate GP
Affiliate GP

They know what works and what to avoid and decided to create a Pay it Forward attitude that has become a main staying point where this awesome community carries that flag to this day.

Kyle and Carson also realized that not many people were able to learn the right way to deal in affiliate marketing and although there were courses available then they hardly covered even the basics which created much confusion for would-be marketers or even those who had already started online.

Too many shortcuts, not enough lessons on how to do even the basics even simple though vital areas like selecting a niche or how to include that when creating your website.

They saw the need to teach people correctly and give a better and clearer understanding of how to be successful online and be able to build your own business online for years to come and not be a fly-by-nighter and fail or even rip people off.

With all their experiences and thoughts Wealthy Affiliate was born.

So what are the many Benefits of Being a Wealthy Affiliate Member

Let’s think about it

Starter Members

To begin with, for those not sure about how wealthy affiliate works or want to learn if affiliate marketing is for them.

You have the starter members membership which is free to start and can be one as long as you like.

This is a great way to test the waters and touch upon online or affiliate marketing.

There are no costs involved, no credit card needed and you get the opportunity to learn from the best around within Wealthy Affiliate you can choose to upgrade to the next and perhaps the best level around which is the Premium membership.

Starter members free training

Starter members get the first level with ten lessons in the OEC (Online Entrepreneurs Course)

This is a great boost to get yourself established online and have the ability to create a website according to your chosen niche.

The lessons teach you all you need to get you started.

Also, starter members, have available first phase level with the Affiliate Bootcamp course where if you wish (that choice is yours and you are not forced either) to learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate and have the opportunity to welcome someone into Wealthy Affiliate and guess what?

You get a commission in doing so.

Here is a complete structure of your commission available to you depending on what membership you have.

Affiliate GP
Affiliate GP


To think getting a commission for referring someone to Wealthy Affialtie and you haven’t even paid a cent as a starter member.

Who else gives you that opportunity?

You can upgrade to the next level which I feel is the best and that is.

Premium Member

Here you have an insurmountable level of opportunities.

With the OEC course, you are given 5 levels of 10 lessons each many additional tasks along with videos given by Kyle our Co-founder that will take you further online and depending again on your right mindset and attitude and efforts can catapult you to high levels of success in many ways.

Alongside this, you have again at your discretion the Affiliate Bootcamp which has 7 phases of additional learning which will certainly benefit you short and long term.

Here as a Premium member did you know that you can also earn additional income outside of your website online.

You can earn credits for commenting on other members websites, you can earn credits which can be also exchanged for cash for any training you may create within the Wealthy Affiliate platform

Here is an example

You create a training when members come to your training they will get involved one by learning from the training your created which can benefit them. After isn’t this similar when writing content on your website benefiting your readers that offer value to them? Sound familiar?

They will comment and like your training, when you get to the end of level one you will receive an email like this from Kyle & Carson that you have earned credits for completing level one which can be cashed in.


Now 10 credits are worth $5 so look at it this way image you create 10 training lessons yourself and each one gets 10 credits. You have just earned $50 USD which already covers your monthly membership which is $49.

Think about that for a second.

And it gets better

Your ability to earn from the training doesn’t stop at level one.

The more members who come to look at your training and participate with their comments and likes you can then reach level 2 here you get 20 credits.

Again those same ten pieces of training you created and they all reach level two now you have earned from those 10 training now can give you $10 USD for each training that is now gone up to $100 and you have not done anything with your website this is all within the community you are part of.

But wait there’s more

You have a level 3 as well here when you complete this level you get 30 credits which is worth $15 per training so you can do the math again if you think just this along get give you a boost in earning.

Please note: the higher the level, the longer it may take to earn those monies but you can already see one small benefit in creating training alone and you haven’t done anything with your website yet which can give you so much more.

The saying of don’t put your eggs in one basket applies here as well. You can earn by providing comments and earn there again don’t just focus on that alone.

In the end, your website is what really counts and that is where the real big potential lays with the website you create and according to your selected niche that is going to help your readers find a solution or answer to the problem or issue.

Remember rule One of Affiliate Marketing

  1. You are helping not selling.

If you just want to sell sell sell and don’t care about your readers then follow rule number 2

2. Quit trying and get a job and work for someone else

If you want to succeed properly online then refer to rule number 1

It’s one of the other your choice your life and don’t whine about it you made the decision which way to go.

Now we have the top level of membership available to Wealthy Affiliate members

Premium Plus

Then you have the top-level if you wish as a Premium Plus member

This was introduced back in late 2020 and many have taken the option.

It may not sound cheap by other standards but what you get within this membership with certainly worth the price when you see what you get.

Apart from being able to host up to 50 domains at no added cost, getting 200 credits, you can use in many ways,

Oh and those 50 websites you can host here as Premium Plus members are included in the membership at no added cost to you.

If you want go elsewhere and check out how much you would pay either monthly or yearly to have so much hosted and compare that to what you get here.

You also get an additional 200 live training sessions by Kyle, Jay, and some super affiliates all giving their expertise and knowledge to you.

They are all done live and recorded so as a premium plus member you can watch them anytime you want.

Oh, this is on top of the 52 + live training Premium members get as well so you get 252 pieces of training.

I guess you would love to learn about keyword research and have one of the best keyword tools available guess what Jaaxy Enterprise which is the Keyword Research Wealthy Affiliate members use is also included within your premium plus members

The fact that this alone if you were to purchase the Jaaxy Enterprise on its own would set your back $999 per year this is included in the package deal.

So these are just a small piece of what you get within the Premium Plus package.

Awesome Training

As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you already know how great the training that is found here and goes a long way to helping all members to build a solid foundation for your website.

The training continues to inspire many members in being able to go forward along our journey online.

Remember you are building not only your very own business online but as you continue to go forward your business is here to stay for years to come.

The training along with your own personal effort and continued work in creating content will help you gain and build authority.

This is not just for you as a website entrepreneur but you are helping many visitors that will come to your site and know that you are helping them find that problem and solution for their needs or wishes.

Success Stories

There are so many success stories found within Wealthy Affiliate that is always there to help inspire others along the way.

Even that first dollar you earn when you start will always give a boost and shows that you can earn here in Wealthy Affiliate in many ways outside of your own website.

Like the training you may create can bring in some income, the community comments your give can also boost not only you

here are just some moments of success stories found within Wealthy Affialtie



If you need more convincing check out Shirley’s Post which gives you a few more than the first ten I just gave you.

wealthy affiliate  success-stories

So there you have some benefits of Being a Wealthy Affiliate member of course this doesn’t even scratch the surface nowhere near it.

The Biggest Benefit of Being a Wealthy Affiliate Member

But there is one big benefit that is about to happen soon and that is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

This will be Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale at its best in 16 years trust me I am not a politician you will benefit in your favor for a change.

Be on the lookout for Kyle’s post on this soon, some may think they worked it out close but no cigar. But you need to wait for Kyle my lips are sealed.

Oh and don’t forget if you haven’t already started creating your Black Friday post and get into it.