What Is Domain And How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Website!

If your aim is to have a business that can serve for long term period  it is better to have your own domain.

your own domain is like a real estate,  it can be valued more.

Your domain can can add more value, and it can also be rank in the search engines.

when you own your domain, that is your real estate,  your brand!

what Is domain?

A domain is what a user will use to find your website, it can be also

referred to as a name that can be used to find your business, you

need a domain to build your website, without a domain building a website is impossible.

If you are using the free subdomain for your online business that is fine, I do not argue that you shouldn’t use it but owning your own domain is the real deal in online business.

comes to think of the a, b,  c,  d of it having  one of .COM .ORG. or then .NET are great assets that you can ever imagine.

why do you have to own your domain name?

Here is why you should own your own domain name, you see,.. when

What Is Domain And How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Website!
What Is Domain And How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Website!

you purchase your own domain it is better because no any other person that can own it rather than your self.

No one can take it or claim it from you, it has becomes your asset it can bee value and  if you like maybe later on the long run you may even  sell it, it your own!.. you have full control over your domain,  your brand!.

Does domain increase value?

Yeah absolutely, your domain can be value more, take for example if you buy your domain today and create a website on it,  as your begin

to build your website creating more content, pages and posts on  your site,  you are adding value to your domain.

So as time goes by you continue doing that the value will increase, a domain can be valued based on the time it has been activated and what was build on it.

There are many sites that you can go to know the value of your domain, you can go to a site like Godaddy, Flippa and so much more online site to know the value of your domain or sell your domain.

Your domain can get rank in search engines!

Do you know that your domain can rank in search engines like Google, Yahoo,  Bing and the rest search engines?!.

Once you’ve bought your domain and you’ve creates your website by the time you begin to add quality contents it will get index and later  rank in search engines.

These is why you need to own your domain for a better rank, search engines tend to will rank site that has its own domain  better than the subdomains.

what are you going to consider when chosen buying or domain name?

Here is what to consider whenever you are chosen or buying your domain :

check this video out Learn  How To Make choose a perfect domain name for your website  👇🏼👇🏼

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check this video out Learn  How To Make choose a perfect domain name for your website

Go For The .Com!

The  .com domain version the highest,   always put that at the back of your mind.

Choose the recommended .COM version for your business the reason for this is that they tend to rank better on  search engines.

Use A Free Tool Like Jaaxy for domain idea !

Use a free tool like jaaxy to help you find out with some domain name ideas.

jaaxy is a great free keywords research tool that you can also use to get an idea during your domain purchase Champaign.

You could discover whether a domain name is available or not, it would  even suggest you some domain names that are available.

Try Jaaxy out here see it with your own eyes type any phrase on the search tab plugin bellow 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Do Not Worry About The Keywords!

yeah.. you don’t have to worry about keywords in your domain at all, you don’t need that !.

You do not need to know whether it is a keyword or whether it has get traffic to it or not.

These are not important factors that determine a better domain name.

So don’t  worry or think about that, all that is matters the most is the  content on your website.

Once you begin to build your  website,  you are grooming  all along with quality content, posts and pages,  these are the most important factors that will determine your rank from the search engines.

You will be targeting keywords to get rank in Google Bing, Yahoo and the other search engines.

Let It Be Relevant!

Make sure as much as possible to make a relevant choice of a domain name.

Let the domain name you choose  be what your brand is about, make it to be  reasonable to your brand.

As we all know that our domain name  is very crucial in our online business so make a perfect choice that will present your brand.

Go for the second-best (org) if not  .com!

The   .com domain version is the most valuable that tend to rank higher in search engines but if you don’t want to go with .com or  the

name has already been taken. The second domain version that is recommended is the.ORG version.

It is advised to avoid a domain name like the gTLD, the .cool, the .reviews,  .travel,   .money or the .Co, These are domain  version that didn’t have the certainty that will rank better than the  .com on the top search engines like the Google Bing and Yahoo.

Use Namesh.Com to help you with domain ideas !

Use namesh.com, this is another great free tool that you can use to grab some idea about domain availability.

It is very free to use and easy, anyone can use it for it come with very simple features easy for anyone to understand.

Be convinced!

You need to choose a domain name that you will love, choose the one that is brandable, choose the one that you could be proud of!.

Keep your domain name to be relevant to what your brand is all about.

Don’t Go For The ( – )Domain Name!

for example, a domain like this is not good !:

self-fixes.com × not good 

 This is  the good and recommended one.

selffixes.com √ good 

Avoid the ( -) in your domain,  though your domain will still rank with the dash on them but not as the .com.

Domain with the (-) is inferior to the domain with the .com, be wise when chosen your domain name.



So you’ve got  what domain is all about and this is how you choose a perfect domain name for your business.

Do you have a question?

I like to hear from you all what you all thing about this topic if you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic

please feel free to leave your comment and all your questions down below and I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.





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