Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure-True Way Making Money While Learning

Here is how you make  money while still learning your way through  the wealthy affiliate platform.

You may or may not believe, but you believe it or not, wealthy affiliate is simply the best in the online digital and affiliate marketing world.

check this video out know How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning
check this video out know How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning

The best place for anyone who wants to learn

affiliate marketing, make a passive income online, avoid being  scammed, on this topic, I

am going show you how the wealthy affiliate commission structure has been structured out

for everyone to take the advantage and the opportunity.

If you truly need quick cash so you can join and check it out see it with your own eye click here to join, it free to join, you are going to be surprised what you will see.

Join the most potential affiliate program with an advanced technology that has made it fashioned out.

what  about affiliate marketing

Since 2015, revenue from affiliate marketing programs has grown by 10 % every year, it has been predicted that it will double up around seven years to come,  if it  maintain the growing level.

Affiliate marketing gives you a brighter future, affiliate marketing is a growing industry, it has been grown over the years to become one of the prestigious and lucrative way to make money, and it continues growing.

As long as online digital is involved the future of affiliate making is brighter, it has never and will  never go down,  would you like to dwell in a growing industry?

 A country like united states of america is a good exermple of  the affiliate marketing is about $6.8 billion per year and by the end of the 2021 it is exempted to reach at list 9. 5

if not 10 billion, these are the figures for only united states alone, affiliate marketing is growing every single day.

It has never stop growing, even during the pandemic, many industries has died down the drain, but affiliate marketing remain only one that never go down.

It has been said that, due to the machines and automation that will be replace human to do some certain jobs, many people will lost their jobs in the years to come.

There is no doubt about it affiliate marketing what getting  into, it going to gives you freedom over your life.

How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning
Commission Structure

You will have self confidence, you can earn money while still a sleep, no risk, the fact is that you don’t to create your own product.

You can work anytime that you feel like, and can decide who to work with, for example you are going to decide whether to promote or not to promote a product.

You earn passive revenue, you don’t need to work at a certain giving time, you work at your own pace, no more deadline and customer support, and you become your own boss.


Do You Get commission in The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Absolutely yes, you are going to get your commission paid to your bank account every time at the end of the month.

All as been properly programmed including the recurring commission  it is simply the best that  you can not  get anywhere other than the wealthy affiliate .

Here is how wealthy affiliate commission structure looks like where ever you refer anyone to join wealthy affiliate you get your commission, it doesn’t matter whether you are a free member or the premium member.

It doesn’t matter when you join the platform you can even start earning if just join today, and this also plied to it,  if you are promoting  jaaxy the most famous and relabel keyword search tool.


Commission structure at wealthy affiliate and how it works

For those who might not know how the wealthy affiliate program works

check this video out know How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning
check this video out know How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning

If you are a starter member and you refer somebody to join,  you get $ 0 for the completing their profile, then if that person now upgraded to the premium member for

the first month you get 4 out of $19 the recurring is$11.25 out of $49 per month for the second month and recurring.

If that person go yearly,  you get $117.50 out of $495, here is the quick overview of it  :

wealthy affiliate commission overview”starter”

Starter member commission

join for free=$0

Initial $ 19 offer, commission = $4

$49 / mth, Commission = $ 11. 25 recurring 

$495 / year, commission = $ 117 . 50 recurring 

So here is what you get as a free member when you invite a person to join wealthy

Commission Structure
Commission Structure


The premium member commissions are more higher and that is why is advised to go premium.

As a premium member the advantages are  huge and the commissions you get is high, if a person you refer to the program set up their account, that is a dollar referral.

However, if they buy a domain that is another dollar and it includes the recurring, the initial month is $ 8 out of $19,  if they upgraded to the premium, you get $ 23.50 out of

$ 49 as recurring,  if they continue their journey on the platform as a premium member, $ 235 is recurring for the yearly commission out of $495.


If you are a premium member at the wealthy affiliate platform you are going to get more benefit from the commission structure.

You will get the double of the commission of the free member, as a premium member you can take part in a dollar credit program, that will allows you to earn from free members you refer to the program and they completed setting up their accounts.

If anyone of your referrals buys a domain at the wealthy affiliate you will get a commission for it,  so  let me gives you the overview real quick here :

Wealthy Affiliate Commission Overview”Premium Member”

They join and set up their account = $1 per a referral

They purchase a domain = per a domain purchase and recurring included

First month premium=$49 commission = $ 23.50 recurring per month, every month

They go yearly = $ 495 commission = $235 including the recurring

As you can see wealthy affiliate offers you a better commission than you can ever imagine of, wealthy affiliate allows you to earn a passive income online.

If you can be to refer more people to the platform and they begin their journey,  if they upgrade to the premium in the first time you get your commission if they then  continue

for the second, third and more, you continue to get your “recurring”commission for as long as they are premium members.

In short, you are going to get a lifetime commission for any of your referral at the wealthy affiliate.

 wealthy affiliate cookies how does it works?

This  is an incredible affiliate program that is second to any other programs in the industry.

wealthy affiliate offers lifetime cookies as it is to their lifetime commission, isn’t that incredible?

The wealthy affiliates affiliate program is top, name the other program that can beat them out of this one, if you refer anyone to the wealthy affiliate platform you are going be getting a commission for it forever, can you dig that !!?

 Up to you, decide your destiny

would you join the growing industry that is capable enough to change your life? would you join the most liable platform to make money online ? would you like to learn how to do affiliate marketing? would you like to make money online even when you are asleep?

If you are ready you can click here to join, anyone can join and guess what, it is free then you see with your own  eyes, don’t die trying! .

For how long are you going to carry on with your life a 9 to 5 job? take the courage, decide a better life for your self today, learn how to make money online, doing affiliate

marketing, many people have changed their life for a better one. If I can do it you can do it.  Here is a quote  from Derek Landy :  “Every solution to the problem is simple. It the distance between the two where the mystery lies.”


Ask your questions 

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better off that you want us to know about please leave all you comment and questions down below and I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.