Too Much Emphasis On Keywords On Website Is It Punishable By Search Engines?

Using keywords on your content is one of the lucrative SEO ideas to drive traffic to your website but when you over use or  put too much emphasis on it might hot your website being penalized by the search engines.

Your content will end up useless with no sense, if you want your audience to read your post then you don’t need to put too much strong attention or emphasis on keywords.

What you need is relevant headlines that describe what your post is all about keywords are great but there mustn’t be used  abnormally

if not you might end up with keyword stuffing which is penalizable by search engines.

 Readable Content

why Do you have to use moderately keywords usage?

Here are reasons that will want to make you more careful about how you use keywords when creating your content :

  • To focus more on the good quality  content for your readers

It is recommended not to focus too much on keywords if you want to continue producing more quality content.

The reason for this is that the more you focus your content too much on the keyword the less your content quality and thus result to fewer visitors reading  your content.

That is why the best idea is to think about written good quality content  first and not focus too much strong attention on keyword.

Focus first on how to capture your audience interest and their need remember that you are writing for your readers, not for the search engines.

  • Because Your content will get rank even without keyword

Another reason to not always overdo  about keywords on your content is that search engines rank all valuable content even without keywords.

What is import is your content to be genuine, unique and readable, remember that it is not only the headlines of your content that search engine looks at or will rank,  it is your content!.

And it will rank including every single phrase on it, all the body of your article however,  you could get more than keywords ranked within the body of a sing post that you have written.

The possibility and the potential is huge so you don’t have to always trying to focus on keywords and forget about your audience.

Always be ready to produce high quality content to your reader, not for the sake of rank in search engines.

  • Readers may find it difficult to read your content. 

If you strongly paying attention or rely too much on keywords that can jeopardize your content readability, the uniqueness, relevancy and engaging aspect of  it.

Everything about your post will go awkwardness and your readers will find your content difficult to read.

Don’t  focus throughout your website too much keywords without even think about written a relevant,  high quality  and readable content that your audience want to read.

So using too many keywords can ruin the readability of the content you offer to your readers.

Do you want your readers to continue reading your post?  if so you need not to overdo with keywords when writing your content.

Using too many keywords is punishable by the search engines

Using too much keyword on every content is punishable and infarct search engines will penalize your website if you continue using it throughout your website or focusing too much on it.

Search engines like Google may not rank your content your site might be impacted  hugely due to too many keywords on your article with that you also get lower view.

  • Try to engage your readers first not search engines!

One more mistakes you don’t want to do is to write for search engines instead of your readers you just can do that.

You need to think about to how to engage your readers and  help them to solve their needs, care for them.

Don’t offer your readers  with irrelevant content,  (awkward content) All your readers need is a unique and engaging content that will make them coming back for more.

Your content will rank and get traffic all together even if does not carry keywords.

Better contents are those that engage readers making them wanted to share  with others and when that happens you get more people coming to read your content that will also makes search engines rank them.

Care more about your reader don’t focus too much on keywords.

what can you do to moderate keywords usage and avoid penalization?

 As search engines continue to use algorithms to find high-quality content for better ranking here and there.

Here is  what you can do to moderate your keywords usage and avoid being penalized by search engines.

Use these tips it will help you comes out with high-quality content without putting too much emphasis on keyword.

Your content you will get more readers and  will still rank higher in search engines with these tips: 

  • Write Humanly 

Write a natural content is the best way to target more readers, don’t just write for the search engines let your content be natural and readable.

Write an informative content the one that your audience will love to read remember do not write for the search engines they don’t read your content, your  audience does!.

How To Write A Quality content
How To Write A Quality content

Try to as much as possible to engage them,  help people solve  problems their having now by using new keywords.

Show people what the day can do solve their problem not sell them. Write naturally as if you are talking to your friends or family.

Be helpful with your content and thorough. 

  • Do Research to find out what your audience needs now.

There are many ways you can do your  research to know what your readers are need or  searching for.

You also need to do some research to find out some content ideas for your reader it critical go to search engines like Bing,  Yahoo, Google, or  social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or forums like Quora and so much more for more content idea and the latest.

Look for what people are searching for online right now and help them to resolve that problems.

How To Write Content That People Loves To Read

So in that way you know the right content to write for your audience, you know their needs and so you are writing for them to tackle it, not for the search engines. 

  • Use jaaxy for more content ideas

Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool in the industry it is second to none and if you really wanted to get more content idea without any strong concentration too much on keywords you can always look up to jaaxy.

For example, the alphabet soup features will helps you  with how to  target your audience, it will gives you some ideas of  what people are searching for.

It is accurate and exact result that Google will gives you, jaaxy will show you the latest information that people are searching for online so you can use that to  leverage the content that you offering to your audience.

Watch this video here to see what I am talking about 👉🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

video image
This video shows you how  how  to comes out with high quality contents  and ideas on how to use Jaaxy and proper keywords usage.


  • Does jaaxy help in creating high-quality content? 

jaaxy is a great and very easy to use for your research and content ideas is the leading research keyword tool in the industry.

If you join wealthy affiliate today you get free access to jaaxy, take your online business to the next level!.

Using jaaxy for your business will helps you to tackle more task and also help to write  high-quality content that will boost more traffic to your website.

  • Here is some of the things jaaxy does 

Jaaxy is more than just finding keywords it  also help with better content ideas it will helps you to see the level in terms of site ranks for a particular keyword used.

Jaaxy has a column QSR that help when you do keyword research to found out the rating for that particular keyword.

Here is how the rating looks like:

if you the phrase or keywords is Under 100 QSR means that you are competing with less than 100 websites in the industry that has that same particular keyword.

While if the QSR is over that means you have competing with more websites with the same keywords.

Though it is always advised using words or phrase that are less than 100 QSR (the low hanging fruit) as they  use to call it,  for this will improve your chances of ranking well in search engines because it has a lower competition. Try the superpower of JAAXY here right now 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼💪🏼🤳🤳 type any phrase below

jaaxy will suggest more words and phrase that make grammatical sense that you use for your content, even if the word you search doesn’t make any sense or not exist.

It also lets you know if you will get traffic with a particular phrase or words but that really doesn’t matter though the most important thing is to makes sure that the words or phrases you are using makes sense that is matter  most.


Use keywords but  moderately on your website don’t put too much emphasis throughout,  follow the rules, write for your readers not for the search engines.

Always offer high-quality content to your readers engage them and  remember that your content will rank even without keywords avoid being penalized from the search engines. 

what you all think?

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