Things To Consider When writing Reviews And Why It’s Importance In Affiliate Marketing!

Reviews are valuable document and information that readers need or are searching for about a service or  a product online.

And as an affiliate you need to know how to create a review and even how to use a  particular word or target a phrase to get traffic and rank in search engines.

Reviews are very crucial in affiliate business and on website they  help audience with  insightful information and thus influencing  website to become more authoritative site.

When more people keep coming to your site you get rank by search engines and that will boost more conversation.

So you can earn more revenue  monetizing your business.


what are the importance of  reviews?

What makes review so important is the information that it offers.

 For example when someone asking is questions  about a product he wanted to buy or someone wanted to  know how to start online business and doesn’t know how to get started,   then those people will definitely make a research online for relevant information about what their questions is all about in  particular.

Review will help them with the  information needed about that products  and  will also helps  about how to start business online.

People oftentimes comes to make  research online for reviews about  a particular product or services because maybe they don’t trust what somebody tells them or offer them and therefore may want to do more research about that product or service.

So a review is a bases of  (recommendation, credibility, and awareness) these tree works together as review is dew.

when someone recommends me a service or even a product and that credibility is not there here is what I do :

jaaxy video image
watch this video  it shows you how to create a high quality review !!

what do I consider when doing a research online about a product or service ?

Some of what I like to find out are the  :

  •  Thorough product or service reviews online
  • Is this service or product a scam?
  • Is  a product or service work
  • For how much does product/ cost
  • Does product /service has a bonus
  • Does the product or service real 
  • Product/service login
  • Product/service success stories
  • Product/service complaints
  • Product/ training
  • Does product/ service what buying
  • Does product/ service what money

and so much more these are phrase and words that people will also type into the search engines  when looking for information about a particular product or service.

These are words you should be using  to leverage the relevancy of your review and also as to  include them in your keyword usage for more powerful relevant research in search engines.

If you want your reviews to  rank in search engines which is the main aim of any content writers you need to start using those phrases  and words when writing  your content.

It will help rank your content when you apply this formula and you could come out  with more  high quality product and  services reviews that will boost more conversation.

writing a review
writing a review


More idea for high-quality review 

Here are more tips  that can helps you come up with more ideas for high quality reviews on your website :

Do a research in Google

Use search engines like Google to search for that particular product name.

Google will gives you some suggest words or phrase that you can use to write your review.

 This technics is know (alphabet soup) and it one of the lucrative ways to come up  with more ideas of what people are searching for online (now).

So that you can target and offer your audience with the exact information they need. 

Map out how the structure your review will be!

What I am saying here in the sense is that you need to create maybe a template of the structure of your review. Ask yourself how do you want your review to look like?

writing a review
How To Write A Quality content

You know that  there is a  guideline that a better review most follow. Write your review in a most effective way that will engage your audience, thorough, insightful, and that will lead to conversation.

To do this you need to always map out the structure,  you can create a template to make it available for yourself  anytime,  here is an example of how you might want  your review look like :


  •  A review that is thorough with insightful information 
  • The one that is readable to your audience 
  • The one that  allow them to make a decision 
  • The one that shows people something and not sell them 
  • The one that will call them to action 
  • And most importantly that will help your content  rank in search engines 

The template that you create will help you to create an easy and yet simple process that you can follow anytime you are writing your review to your website.

This will help to make thing simple and you can writing more conveniently.

Here is an example of how what I follow when I write my review:

Template example 

Product.. XX ..what buying?

  • Name : product name 
  • Website : website URL 
  • Price : price 
  • Manufactural : manufactural name
  • Brand : name 
  • Overall rank :

Product XXX product overview 

Overview of what the product is all about here :

The Good and the bad 

The Good :

  • pro 1 
  • pro 2
  • pro 3

The bad :

  • con 1 
  • con 2

who can use the product? 

you are are going to write about who the product is for wish type of people can use the product or service.

Product xxx how it works 

How the product works and more insight about it 

Product xxx  Price 

Here you describe the price whether there is a bonus offer for  the structure or any promotions.

My opinion 

Offer your opinion and let them know why you think the product what buying or why the product doesn’t what to buy. 


Describe the product again at a glance


Tell your then your verdict whether product what buying or not?

 That is how I create my own template and it’s very helpful when creating my review.


Create your own template you can use Google spreads sheet for it is free and web-based witting. If you like you can also use Microsoft excel.

what I use is the Google spreadsheet for it helps me to get a better organization of my content and allows me to make an overview of my the content when I am writing.

writing a review
writing a review

It’s also helps me to manage  my affiliate links for the  product better.

So this is why reviews are important in affiliate business follow this perfect tips to create an efficient review that not only  will it help to convert but will also help to rank in search engines.

Your thought 

How do you write your own product or service review? I will like to hear from you all and if you have any question, comment or anything

concerning this topic please feel free to leave all your question and comment down below and I be more than happy to from you all, thanks.





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