Shareasale Affiliate Network And Easy Step By Step To Join

Are you looking for a reliable affiliate network to join so that you have more possibilities in promoting more products and services and  make more money?

ShareASale is one of the best affiliate network that have a lot of varieties of Merchant at it disposal ready to do business plus anybody can join and started  make money through their platform, it doesn’t matter the type of niche  you are working on there are lots of lot of various products and services to promote.

Shareasale: what is all about?


The great giant in the middle between the merchants and the affiliates which includes : content creators, bloggers, influencers, promoters, and YouTubers.

 Get access to a lot of merchants all around the world promote  products  and  get  commission for any referral that they refer and buy from them.

Shareasale is an important affiliate network that has made things easier for both affiliates marketers and also for the merchants including  eCommerce and entrepreneurs they  had found it to be more convenient to do business.

However Shareasale is the real deal if you want to start monetizing your business  with  about  over 3,500 affiliate programs waiting. 

To make things easier Shareasale had brought together different kind of training text and videos to assist you with the necessary help that everyone need to be successful in their various business. 

How to sign up for Shareasale 

There is nothing to worry about because signing up to Shareasale is not a difficult task,  they had made life  easier for everyone to be able to join  easily however, if you have your own website up and running you will have no problem what so ever to sing up.

If you don’t have a website you can  sign up here and build a website  if you like to create your own website  create your own website within 3 minutes it is free and very easy even if you don’t know how to do it but as long as you are ready to learn it and moreover building a website nowadays is no that difficult everybody can do it you can do it too.

There is no products without  having any website this  because to be accepted by some of the  merchants you need it.

Signing up on Shareasale 

Here are the easy steps that you can follow to sign up to Shareasale affiliate network for free and without any hassle,  follow these  easy steps whenever you want to join  this will makes you become their affiliate member within a second for they had  made things easier for you and I.


How to create account on shareasale

1. Create an account:  you will need to create your own account it is free and if you want to do that now click here 

2. You are going to be redirected to the Shareasale affiliate network homepage where you will see all that they offer then click

how to join shareasale affiliate network
how to join shareasale affiliate network

on the button ” I WANT TO PROMOTE THIS MERCHANT ON MY WEBSITE” or better still you can also click on the ” AFFILIATE LOGIN” button at the upper right-hand side and there you go.

3. You will be directed to the signup page where you will be required to fill out your login information in full details and that includes: username, password, password confirmation, your name,  address , email address and password. 

 4. Filling your information : your website information will be required  so it is very important to make sure that you are giving them the right information about that,  the reason for that is that they will go there and check things out and that can determine whether to approve your website or not  that is say makes sure that give them a website that is accessible because  apply with a website that is functional will increase your possibility of approving your application.

5. Select the language:  That you are using on your website you should choose the language of your website.

6. Respond to the questions they ask: Other things that they are going to ask  are some other questions that are related to the website  so select those options that apply to your website  then you are good. 

7. Fill out your email address : Your email address is another important thing to fill out it is  always recommend to use the email address of your website I mean your domain email this how it looks like

contact@yourdoainname. com net etc… because using this will increase your approval if you are using web hosting like the wealthy affiliate you’ve got the best hosting free domain email address that you can use for your website in which other web hosting platforms will never give you. 

8. Set up your payment information :  

once you finish with the rest information the next thing to do is to choose how you will get paid.

Payment information gives you the possibility to choose either to be paid  by check or if you will prefer the direct deposit.

These are the 2 options that Shareasale offers however if you are not ready to set up your payment method yet or you don’t really sure which method will good for you then you can  find out, choose the option ” CHOOSE LATER” so with that you can get back later to set that up you can always come back to make the adjustment even if you make mistakes setting it up in the first time.

10. So what you are going to do next is to click the “COMPLETE SIGNUP” button to submit your application.

11. Confirm your email : the next thing to do is to confirm your email; you will receive an email from ShareASale so click on that link to confirm your application. Then you are done you just have to wait for an email from ShareASale to know whether you’ve been approved or not. 

My thought 

Your application should be approved as you have follow the right steps here if you give them the right information that they need most importantly your website, email, and your personal informations. 

If your application is approved follow these steps to find a product that you can promote and make more money.

How to find a product in Shareasale

1. sign in from the ShareASale website by clicking “AFFILIATE LOGIN”

2. Hover over “MERCHANTS” then select “SEARCH FOR MERCHANTS”

how to join shareasale affiliate network
how to join shareasale affiliate network

3. Type the name of the merchant or you can browse by the categories. 

4. Click “JOIN PROGRAM” when you find the merchant that wants to join 

5. Read the terms agreement and agree to the program click “JOIN THIS PROGRAM” now wait for them to approve  then you can promote their product once you approved. 

How to create product/affiliate links on ShareASale 

Here is how you can create product links on Shareasale so follow the easy steps to create your affiliate links: 

  1. Go to your ShareASale dashboard hover over to the LINKS options then select “GET A LINK/BANNER” where you can get a banner to promote products on your site and links you will also see all the list of the merchants that you have been approved 
  2. select the merchant that you want to promote and click “GET LINKS”. 
  3. Then it will show you the page where you select, banners, text links, video, image and create a custom link
  4. Get the text links click “GET HTML CODE” and copyhow to join shareasale affiliate network


  5. you are shortening the link to make more apprentice and place them on your website or anywhere want to promote 


I have shown how to join ShareASale affiliate  network  on this topic and how you can promote products and make more money I will like to here back from you all and if you have any question or comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them  down below and will be more than happy to hear back from you , thanks.




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