Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit?

On this topic, I am helping you with a review on the  Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit including video, image, ratings, and reviews from those that are using the.  However, if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment section.

About proven amazon course

The Proven Amazon  Course is an online training course and it’s all about how to sell products of any type of amazon, so for those who want to get started selling amazon products but don’t know how to start.

Overview of the proven amazon course

Product nameAmazon course
Date  launched2009
FounderJim Cockrum
Ratings4.8 out of 5 stars

What Proven Amazon Is All About?

The proven amazon course is a  training course on how to sell products of any type on amazon. The course is base on different method and ideas  about:

  • How selling things on amazon works
  • How to get started
  •   Where to acquire products to sell
  • How to get started
  • How to ship products to the end-users, customers
  • and how the shipment techniques work anywhere around the globe and most importantly how to accept payments and provide refunds as well.

The course teaches how to choose a profitable product and how to advertise  them  correctly to earn more money by following a few steps of training that can be found at the  member area   which include:

Proven Amazon Courses

Source  product Master  Class

A well laid out training includes more than 3 hours of video teaching and analyzing how to advertise the product and how to spy on competitors and also dropshipping.

Mentorship  webinars

Include  40 hours of mentorship Video such as how to get to earn  4 figure income  $5000 per month sourcing on budget.

Proving building course

This one includes 14 Videos teaching their basic formulas, from examining your products and determining your profits and listing your amazon product and so much more.

Who Is The  Founder Of  Proven Amazon Course

The amazon proven course is the founder is Jim Cockrum he is a well-known author, blogger, speaker, and a successful online marketer and entrepreneur that has been in online business for a long time.  He is the author of selling of a book called ( silent machine published in 2002.

Jim Cockrum
Jim Cockrum

And the most recent version was realized in 2006 called, ( Silent sale machine 2.0). It is an easy-to-understand and proven guide to making multi streams of online income.

The proven Amazon Course Package

The amazon course is also known as  (PAC) has two payment options to choose from here is a how it looks like.

Payment option 1one payment of $499.00
Payment option 2Three payments of $189 each.

All include access to the proven amazon course exclusive Facebook members page and free membership in Cockrum my silent team. COM.

Students also have full access to more proven amazon courses websites like

  • proven performance inventory
  • Az refund guide. com
  • eBay to amazon course
  • proven private label. com
  • proven team building. com
  • Online sourcing strategies. com 7 hours of taking strategies for online sourcing

The good

The most important  thing about the Proven Amazon Course  is that they offer various ways of   learning, they are  giving training through:

  • PDF guide
  • Podcasts
  • Video training and live webinars, so it is easy to choose and or download the training and use whenever you like.

The bad

100% refund policy

The Co-founder Jim Cockrum has said on his website that there’s a 100% refund policy if you don’t find the value or maybe you are not satisfied with it but he doesn’t mention on his website how a member can get the refund though.

what I like about the proven Amazon course

  1. The first thing up, for those who want to join this course, must universal it can be globally applied to any business, this a course that teaches you how to to get started with your own online business be your own boss start building your own business that you can operate and control whenever you are anywhere in the around the globe.
  2. This course is for everyone no matter where you are in the world you can take the course and learn how to sell on amazon sites where you live in the world.
  3. The is a proven online amazon course created to help people with the latest information,  most importantly the new selling techniques on how to sell on Amazon and especially presenting new products and new price tag.
  4. The proven Amazon course has a great staff that keeps up with their students,  the market, and the Amazon change in new technologies.
  5. Another great thing about this course is their retail price of  $ 499  which is not a brainer at all, compared to what you are getting, a lot of learning and more source of information on how to sell, however other courses may charge more than 2K to even get the piece of how selling online is all about.
  6. The course consists of names of legitimate and trustworthy wholesalers where you can easily get more info from those who have gone before you.
  7.  The positive rating is another important thing that makes love this course, what those that are using it are saying is great which means that it is a good source to get the knowledge it has a good BBB rating and good A+ ratings from the student.
  8.  Lots of their student are successful that mean lot of success stories to show for those that follow the training to the letter and those what they told them.

what I dislike about the proven Amazon course

  • Poor customer service, students are complaining about having issues with the customer services department, they need to address this technical issue they have with their customers.
  • Some students have found out that courses presented by the proven amazon course are designed for beginners and newbies only and that the course doesn’t benefit the advanced student.
  • You will get overwhelmed with their testimonials on their sales page their too many testimonials on their sales page.

Starter courses are complicated they claim the lessons are too long and aren’t break it down correctly so you get overwhelmed quickly as a starter,  compare to other great training like (the wealthy affiliate courses )  where they break down everything step-by-step easy to comprehend. The (WA) platform has understood how to fix this issue, so they’ve broken down their training into small chunks and sections whether you are a newbie or an advanced online you will understand training easily without any hassle.

Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit?

The Wealthy affiliate online training platform has made things simple for their student all their courses are well laid out and what they do is that they teach their student to learn and put it to practice before they move on to the next training,  so with that, you won’t be missing anything up. As you take the course you will be shown how to practice what you’ve learned then you will be directed to take the next course.

image here

Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit?
Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit?

The Wealthy Affiliate Courses

The wealthy affiliate courses are for everyone? those who want o start their own online profitable business but don’t know how to get started. The course will teach you everything you need to know to build and grow a   lucrative online business, plus you get access to all the tools needed and guest what it free to join and get started no credit card needed. Here is how a wealthy affiliate course looks like:

 (OEC) online entrepreneur certificate training

The wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur certificate training is also known as (EOC) a training divided into 5 phases and each phase includes 10  lessons that will walk you through the process of creating a successful online business from scratch. But wait,  not only that, but it also teaches you how to different affiliate types programs including amazon to start making money online in a little period of time. however, the training will help you grow your business within any type your go for.

Affiliate Bootcamp training (ABC)

The Affiliate Bootcamp training, however, is divided into 7 phases, each phase has 10 series of courses that will walk you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promoting of wealthy affiliate. This training focuses on the MMO, make money online niche, and a hug conversion affiliate marketing program. They will teach you how to build a successful online business free and zero-risk safe and to make a long time living on the internet.

Is proven amazon course a scam can you make money with the site

The proven amazon course is not a scam though, you can join the program if you are ready to focus on  selling Only the amazon product and learn the  techniques they provide inside their courses if you want to be an amazon seller expert

Some of their testimony claimed they make 8 figure per month on their website but if check the earning disclaimer, they say the number is just an estimate of what few people are earning and there is no guarantee you will earn that kind of money, that means no one taking a course will experience the same result.

making money online and selling amazon products will never be guarantee a steady income unless you put a lot of effort and stay consistent and positive and don’t give is the rules of the game.

However, as an intelligent person, you won’t fall into it after all those complaints I advise you should check out other options. What I would highly suggest is to check out my  1st recommendation to start your own online business, learn how to work at home, right from your laptop.

This no scam zero risk and it is a legitimate and safe way to earn a full-time passive income from your laptop and quit your dead-end job from 9 to 5  you’ll have more time for yourself and your loved ones.

Proven Amazon Course vs Wealthy Affiliate Course-Are They Legit-Conclusion

For me personally, I would recommend the wealthy affiliate training as my favorite program to join, if you are looking not only to learn how to sell Amazon products but will also to learn everything you need to know about online business. The reason is that the wealthy affiliate training program is free to join, it is an easy place to learn and known how to build your own business online step by step fast and easy.

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