New Strategy To Making More Money Doing Reviews On Your Website.

This post will help you with the New Strategy To Making More Money Doing Review On Your Website whether you are just getting started with your online business or you already started.

Dylan shares how he started from Zero to making over $3K per month in just 6 months and please if you have any questions concerning this topic feel free to leave them at the comment section at the bottom.

New strategy: $0 to $3000+ per month in 6 months

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Hey everyone. been a while since I posted anything and wanted to share a new keyword strategy I discovered.

I decided to promote a new product in a new niche in January. I wrote about 35 to 50 reviews in this niche and by June I was making over $3,000+ per month:

My commissions


commission report
commission report

what is crazy is the reviews I write to achieve this are only getting around 200 clicks a day.

they are just very relevant keywords to what I am offering.

When promoting wealthy affiliate I was making around $700 to 1000 per month with 2000 clicks per day. the traffic wasn’t exactly relevant, though.

I achieved these results with a specific strategy .. mainly reviewing ads from Instagram and Facebook. what you do is go visit popular products in popular niches.

for example, let say you are thinking about reviewing different stock trading or day trading programs.

Go visit some trading websites.

almost immediately you will start getting ads on Instagram and Facebook.

for example, I just visited some trading sites and got hit with this AD:


ad screenshot of 1450 club review

This ad takes you to a website called 1450 club. if you check Jaaxy you will see the search term “1450 club review” gets 64 avg and QRS is 25 which makes it a great keyword.

The step2 of this strategy is to find other websites that review these kinds of ads and programs.

For example, when looking up reviews of Instagram ads i found this website

https://stockalertsreview. com

This website understand how powerful this strategy is and has been reviewing these programs for less than a year.

they are definitely making a few thousand, though. just create a list of websites reviewing these programs and start looking for keywords.

The reason this strategy works so well is a lot of these programs are brand new.

sometimes they are so new they don’t even show up in Jaaxy yet. you can use Alexa to determine if a website is worth reviewing if it is not showing up in Jaaxy yet.

here what 1450 club looks like in Alexa:


what 1450 club looks like in Alexa


The beginning of the graph is June and the website was ranked 439,764. in just a few months it is ranked 88,139.

This means the creator is paying a lot in ads and is now getting hundreds of thousands of people visiting a month.

These people will be looking for reviews and that is where you come in.

what you are looking for are programs that are trending up in Alexa and are usually under 800,000 website rank.

I don’t know if this strategy will work in every niche but it will work in popular ones with a lot of different programs that are expensive too.

Hope this helps?  “the best of strategy” still works too. I got a message the other day from someone who is making 1,000 per month in a competitive niche using the best of posts. this was achieved in about a year.


Try it out

This is one of the best strategies for more traffic and no thought the perfect way to get more visitors to your website too, it is logical that when you promote a newly produced product, service or company the possibility of getting more visitors to your site is huge.

And bear in mind that the more those companies continue with their advertising, the more people now interested to find out what the product or service is all about.

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