Is Wealthy Affiliate Real To Make Money? 3 Proof Here!

This article will help you to know if wealthy affiliate program is real to make money, Is wealthy affiliate real to make money? here is  Proofs from members, you will know if this online platform is the right place to build a successful business online. If you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the comment section down the bottom. 3 Proof here down below

proof 1

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Over $ 23, 000 earning this year so far! thank you, WA

As we come close to year-end, I thought I would drop in to say a happy new year to everyone in WA and to say a personal thank you to the various people who have helped me on my journey and in particular to kyle and Carson for this amazing platform to earn extra money online.

Results for the year

Looking at my statistic for the year, while I haven’t earned as much as I would have like, it still will bring me in over $23K this year and the only costs really are the annual WA membership free and a few domains which are very small in the greater scheme of things.

I still work a regular job 40 to 45 hours per week so I can only do this internet marketing thing on the side as a part-time hobby – I have made tons of mistakes along the way but this hobby gets a lot easier the more you practice and get the hang of it.

Current motivation

At present, I bought a new domain a few months back and I am currently building this website out and the focus really have been on 1.5K to 2K word posts accompanied by 3 TO 4 minutes video ( usually I can manage 3 post and 3 videos only per week.

Others who can do this full time can pump out a lot more content than this – at the moment, this is all I can manage with the 10 to 15 hours I put in for my various websites.

You can do it too

By the way, this post is not to brag but to let you know that these levels of earnings and more are possible with the training provided here –  hey, I only do this part-time if I can do it, then anyone can my first website was rubbish by the way.

Anyway, I won’t keep you for long- hopefully, next year will even be better than this year. for now, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and thanks again for the opportunity and the support during my time here at WA.

All the very best

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Proof 2

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 Affiliate income from 2020

So, I know 2020 has been a pretty dodgy year for most, but it has really allowed me to focus on my affiliate, but it has really allowed me to focus on my affiliate business and grow it into something worth having.

Overall, I’ve made £1, 682.07 this year, which is pretty cool I think.

As you can see, a good chunk of the total in 2020 came from Amazon, up from just £87.54 in 2019. wealthy affiliate income deceased slightly, from £323 to £296  IN  2020 I finally got my foot in the door at Clickbank.

In 2021, if things keep going with traffic, I should also probably expect £400-500 from google Adsense. I hope to beat my Amazon total again this year, as January September 2020 was slow. I think £1,800 – 2£,00 will be a reasonable target.

earning report
earning report


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Proof 3


From  $3K to $12K  to  $42 to $ 129K. is this even possible

Wouldn’t it be crazy to earn $126,000 per month from a website?  although that number seems incredibly insane, I guess 100 10 years of affiliate blogging has made me an insane person, so I think it might be realistic at this possibility at this point and will show you why. just by coincidence, I started tracking the earning of one of my websites on biennial bases (every 2 years ) during the month of December, when earning peak.

the first years I shared the earnings, it earned $3, 000 during December 2016. two years later, that same website earned $12,000 in December 2018.  this year, that same website earned a whopping and unbelievable $42,00 plus 4 days left in the month.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Real To Make Money
earning report


For those counting:

3 x 4 = 12  2018

12 x 3.5 = 2020

42 x 3 = 126 2020

A lot can happen between now and 2022, and I will admit, it would be pretty idealistic conditions to continue this rate of growth, but why not? my website gets a tiny fraction of traffic compared to some of the bigger sites in my niche get, so the traffic isn’t the issue.

There are tons of affiliate programs and products to review as well and have an email list and I don’t have any social account, so there is no impediment to increasing my affiliate sales either.

Honestly, $126, 000 per month is not something I would have considered possible, even just a few years ago. It seems crazy. but I keep going back to this idea of why not.

More people are shopping online, more people are selling stuff online. What wealthy affiliate teaches obviously works. There is no reason why you cant earn $100,00 plus per month from your website.

Keep in mind this website started in 2015. that is 5 years ago. 5 years of keyword research. 5 years of blogging.

5 years of google analytic. a lot of work went into this website. I have also been a wealthy affiliate member for 10 years, so a lot of knowledge went into this website too.

That being said, you have the same tools available as me. you are a wealthy affiliate member. you have the training. you have the tools, you the support, you can do this. Is Wealthy Affiliate Real To Make Money?

Speaking of training and tools, on Jan 11 I will be launching a new class series called easy to follow and an effective article template where I share 5 different types of templates I use in all my blogs,

including the one feature above. this class will be available to the premium plus members and each new session will launch on a Monday at 5 pacific starting Jan 11.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Real To Make Money?

Wealthy affiliate is real and the most genuine platform you need to build a successful business online as you can see from the above proofs from members.


This topic has shown you that wealthy affiliate is real to Make Money with 3  Proofs from the member if you have any questions comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them at the comment section down below however if you can feel free to share this other thanks.

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