How To Write Content That People Loves To Read And Rank In Search Engines!

Create good content that people love to read  using the tips adapted  for it,  those that I m going to be talking about  here will surely do help to rank your content on search engines.

Following the proper rules of writing contents that are captivating,  accurate, informative, readable, and engaging    is very critical in your  online business it also determine your rank and conversation.

You can never do away without paying the necessary attention needed .

Remember that your priority is to be able to help your audience offer them the right thing they need.

Though human want is unsatisfied and that is why you always have to try to meet up with their needs.

There are ways to target your audience with the right content at the right time.

How To Write Content That People Loves To Read
How To Write Content That People Loves To Read

How can you write content that people  love and rank in search engines ?

Your main aim is to try as much as possible to help your audience, show them  something  using your content, help them, engage them

more on your website!,  then your content will rank in search engines . Here is how you can write a content that people will love and then rank in search engines :

  • Use a  smart headline and a compelling

Your headline is very important not only to the search engines but also to the readers.

Your headlines should be capitative enough to catch people attention and attracting them to read your article.

You could lose many of your readers to that, people will leave or just scan through your content if your headlines are nothing to write home about.

But if you use smart and compelling headlines the one that entices more people to your post you will see more people reading your content and thus more traffic on your business. 


  • write as if you are talking to a friend or a family member!

 This very important when it comes offering  engaging content, it will also favor your content post to rank better on search engines .

write as if you are explaining things to one of your friends,  it will makes more people to read your content.

Your content become more amazed, and interesting to your audience and that will turn to more ranking, more traffic coming your way, and thus more leads and more revenue.

Use conversation speak always for more connection with your  people and that will turn to more rankings too.

  • Use  heading tags 

This will help to separate your ideas and not only that, it will helps search engine (crawlers) and your readers to understand what you are talking about in those subsequent paragraphs.

Your theme might be using the H1 tag already so you can use from H2 H3 H4 to 6  this will help to elaborate and make your post  more understandable both for the search engines and also for your readers.

Though it is advised to make sure that your every heading you use should be concise and the same with what you are talking about, have meant with the subsequence paraphs. 

  • Use smart paragraph for better understanding!

As your first aim is  makes  more people to reading your content, then making your is content more readable by  using small

paragraph when you write because using long paragraphs will only  make it more difficult to understand.

It a big block paragraph will strain their eye, it’s cumbersome!.

If you can  break your ideas down in small paragraphs people will under you better thus lead to more traffic.  

  • Use relevant image on your post and add descriptions!

Using relevant images with full description within your  contents will helps in rank on search engines.

Images do get indexed before your entire content will do, so using image will boost more opportunity on your content to rank high on search engines but it advise though to add  descriptions  of any images that you embedded on your post.

So that it will help search engine crawlers as well as  your readers to understand what they all about.

You will attract more readers if you can be able to offer a quality and readable content with relevant imagery that reflect what your content is all about.

A portrays imagery will add more value making it more appreciated to your readers and search engines.

image of a video


  • Edit your existing contents

This is another way to make your content more appreciated, go to your existing contents and make some adjustment that need to be done.

Edits them!. this is important and you  always have to put it  at the back of your mind.

The fact is that as a site owner you need to continually do adjustment  for your already written content.

It is a continual process, so as you move forward  make a continua effort to adjust your contents for further improvement.

And that will improve both your readers experience  and also their performance in search engines.

How To Write A Quality content
How To Write A Quality content

Add more words, picture or videos to them.

This how I do my own I will fist publish my content as I finish creating it.

Then go back later to make it better and better all along.

Because I know that I can not do all the perfection just at the first time.

That might take more of my time, so it will better for me to continue producing more content to my website and then come back later to do the perfection rather than waste all of my time on a single post just to make it perfect.

My advise is that continue written content to your website make the necessary SEO adjustment first,  then  publish it to your  website  and  come back later to continue with the perfection.

Scan through all of you existing content pages and posts, update them make sure that they are perfectly in line with the criteria that is needed for them to be engaging, captivating, and rank higher in search engines.

Remember that if you want your content to be loved by people readers  and  rank in search engines your content need to possess all the quality that is required including :

You need captivating headlines

Small paragraphs for your ideas

Using relevant images

Black text on the white background

Using the heading tags

Speak naturally to your audience.

Other things that you always need to remember though is that you are not writing for the Google or the rest search engines.

You are writing for your audience, your visitors, so it’s advice to always make your content to be more appreciated, readable to your visitors and most importantly it most be helpful to your audience.

So the question that you will want to ask your self is that if people comes to my website looking for help does my post or page be able to help them?

Can they find my content engaging, and readable? Do my pages and post help my visitor with trust? can I gain credibility on my brand when they visit my website?

These are the most important things that matters the most for your business.


I like to hear from all you if you any question, comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to get in touch with us here,

leave all your questions and comment down below and we be more than happy to hear from your all, thanks.








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