How To Properly Use Affiliate Link On Your Website Without Being Penalized By Search Engines

You might be adding your affiliate link on your website post or pages abusively.

 Use the proper techniques that will makes your content more friendly and rank in search engines.

Insert your affiliate links on your website without being penalized by search engines.

Add your affiliate links on your content in a friendly manner, using the (centralization) techniques will makes you  leverage your business better.

How to use Affiliate links
How to use Affiliate links

what is centralization techniques in using affiliate links?  

It is a process whereby it is possible  to streamline your affiliate links and your promotions properly and for a good  rank in search engines.

It will also make your future paid traffic campaigns to be more realistic and successful.

Search engines like google and other search engines might not accept your campaign if your content is subjected to irregular or you embedded too many links on it.

Search engines like Google Yahoo Bing  may not get rank your content either. 

what are the benefits of proper affiliate links use on your website?

There are many ways that your business can   benefit from the proper  usage of your affiliate links.

It is very crucial to know how to use affiliate links correctly on your website, here is how a proper use of affiliate link can benefit your website: 

  • Great for high ranking in search engines 

You need to understands that search engines doesn’t like too many links whether raw nor shorten.

Google and the other search engines will rank your contents better if you are using  your affiliates well on your website, your  post will ranking better in the search engines.

  • Your audience will have more trust upon your brand 

knowing how to properly use your affiliate links on your website will help your audience to know what you are up to,  and thus makes

your audience feel more comfortable with what you are offering them. It is one of the lucrative ideas to win the heart of your audience. 

  • It allows You  to trace your links  better

 Set up tracking analytics on them is very easy.

It will allows you to properly implement a better track to know how they are performing,  trace and analyzed your links  in a very

easily way,  know how many clicks you get, from where you get them and more informations about your  affiliate links

  • It will leads to more revenue

If you know  how to  implement your  affiliate links in a proper place they should,  you will surely get back the good result.

The range of your income coming in will be different.

Knowing how to properly place your affiliate links will  yield something different and boost more revenue.

  • Your pay per click is more acceptable by search engines

Search engines link Google and Bing don’t like too many links on your post they tend to refuse even if you going to pay  for  their campaigns.

But if you know how to use your affiliate links properly there is more possibility that your PPC campaign will be accept. 

  • You promote more offers of different kinds  in just single website 

You will be able to use different affiliate links on-site to promote various product and service if you know how to use your affiliate link properly.

It will gives you a huge advantage to promote many offers in just a single website, thus more stream of generating revenue.


How to properly use an affiliate link on your website. 

Here is how to properly use an affiliate link on your website without being penalized by search engines like Google and the rest of them.

Follow the rules to  level up well your  affiliate links on your site, this tips will makes  your content more friendly and rank in search engines : 

  • Don’t use raw links on your website 

Make sure to always shorten your links, create a shorter, smarter and catchy affiliate to add on your website.

How can you do that? well, there are ways to that, you can use plugins or do it manually.

There are some great link shortners plugins that you can use plugin like,  Bitly or you can also use Pretty link and so much more of them to short your links.

It will makes your content to be more appreciated for search engines including your readers .

  •  Centralizing your offer 

what that means is that you don’t want to embed too much of your affiliate links on every single post or page on your website;

Do not overwhelm your website with too much affiliate link throughout.

Google and other search engines will see that  your website too focus much on promoting rather than offer your audience more quality contents.


The good experience of your users, your visitor and your audience is very important.

So, what can you do? Here is what you can do, you can centralize,  if you have program  that you are consistently promoting on your

website, centralize your offer by sending your readers from your feeders post or pages on your website to your offer page.

Or send then to your review  post that you have created to promote the program, link your readers to that particular page or a review so in the sense that you don’t always add  affiliate links for the same product all the time.

Link your post  internally that is the best thing to do, send people back to review post  instead of sending them directly to the merchant website.

Search engines appreciate that you are using more internal link rather than the affiliate links here and there on your website.

Here are  more important advantages that you get from centralizing your offer :

It will get you the opportunity to use one page to optimize another for more conversation.

Acquire more ranking in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  

You can streamline testing one page in a very easy way to better leverage up things. 

 You have the opportunity to offer bonuses to your for your audience and with that, you can boost more conversation and improve your leads.

Do not leave money on the table join affiliate programs

How To Make Money As starter At Wealthy Affiliate While Still Learning
How to use Affiliate links

This means that almost all the products and services has affiliate programs so every time you mention a service or a product on your post  or your review whether negative or positive on your post, pages or on your reviews make sure to join if the product or service has an affiliate program.

You can then maximize your earnings, don’t leave money on the table, that is the last thing you don’t want to do as an affiliate,  just by mentioning their  names once or twice negative or positive,  sign up for their affiliate programs and leverage your business.

Remember that people will still buy right  from your affiliate links even if you made a negative review about the product or service.

So make sure to always  join their affiliate programs as long you mention their names on your website so that you don’t leave money on the table.


Here is how you can properly use  affiliate links on your website without being cut up by the search engines, so to  summarized everything up here is what you should do :

How to properly use an affiliate link on your website 

  • Don’t use raw links on your website 
  •  Centralizing your offer 
  • Do not leave money on the table join affiliate programs 


Your though

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