How To Make $5,195.20 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing Following Todd’s Advice

Are you just getting started with the affiliate marketing or maybe you already started and aren’t seeing any result yet? just makes sure you have a read of this, “Todd” has revealed how he made

over $5.1 monthly with Affiliate Marketing and also gave the best tips to help you do better, please if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic leave them all at the bottom. 

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 Newbies pay attention! $5,195.20 affiliate check for June: thanks WA.

When I was new to a wealthy affiliate, like most newbies, I don’t understand the entire process of building a simple niche site or an authoritative blog.

Like most new internet marketers, I focused on the money as well. We’ve all heard it here at WA not to do this but it’s though not to do so. Especially if you’ve got a family, monthly obligations limited time, or you are conditioned to a monthly paycheck, etc…

is wealthy affiliate worth it?

Many times we also want to know if wealthy affiliate is a good investment in our time and money.

I know I did when I first started out. is the education worth it? is the time we spend researching keywords and targeting blog post going to make the big money in the long run?

well, I’m proof that it does. like so many other successful WA members, I’m here to tell you what wealthy affiliate teaches works.

June’s looking to be shy of 8K

My goal this year is to be consistently at 10K/ month. Last month I hit $6.454 for may and this month’s looking great thanks to my latest commission.

check it out … 

There’s a 45-day wait on this commission with the 30-day money-back guarantee provided by the affiliate so these commissions originated in April were paid

How To Make $5,195.20 Monthly With Affiliate marketing

out in June.

this is the PayPal statement

How To Make $5,195.20 Monthly With Affiliate marketing

what wealthy affiliate teaches works!

I know that’s why we are here because what WA teaches works great.

so here the thing to do … 

take the education seriously and do every class and every task to the best of your ability.

Learn the entire process!

learn the strong foundation that WA teaches of content marketing first to build your foundation.

later you can add email marketing and eCommerce etc… if you like.

after going through the entire WA program entrepreneurial or Bootcamp you should understand how to target keywords, rank content, help your niche out which will result in commissions.

the only thing to do from there is…

Scale your business!

once you know the gift of how to run your online business, the next step is to mass-produced it.

I could only produce 6 – 12 posts per month when I was working full time at my online business the first 9 months of taking WA classes.

With writers and a team, I can easily produce 20 – 30 quality posts per month working 10 hours per week. The more I build my site, the more authority it has, the faster the content ranks, the more traffic it brings and that equals …..

…. more money!

I hope you get the picture. Learn the process, nail it down, repeat.

once your site starts making money, don’t go spend it, “re-invest” in your site / online business. maybe that is a professional theme, writers, PPC campaigns, etc … but continue to build and scale that business to the point where you are happy with it.

I hope this helps those that are new or those that have some experience but aren’t seeing the results they don’t like to see yet.

Don’t give up!

I think the biggest thing I’ve seen year after year is that too many new marketers give up too soon.

many times they are so close to success but they give up due to one reason or another.

don’t make the same mistake! it is totally worth it in the long run! 

hang in there, never look back and you will be done 



So … 

If your dream is to work from your laptop, to have enough time for your self and able to spend more time with your loved ones no more 9 to 5 job, no more paycheck,  you want to create your own job or work for your self, there is no better way than to get started now with affiliate marking,  work anytime you want anywhere you are, you!  the boss of yourself!.

How To Make $5,195.20 Monthly With Affiliate marketing
How To Make $5,195.20 Monthly With Affiliate marketing

How to get started with affiliate marking. 

To get started,  the best things to do is to find the best educational platform to learn how it works because not all of them are formidable some are scammers, they will collect a lot of money from you and offers you nothing but crap.

The wealthy affiliate, affiliate training program is the most trusted the online platform with the first-class training courses, video and advanced training, and expert live classes. 

wealthy affiliate is free to join? 

Wealthy affiliate is free for anyone to get started doesn’t  matter who you are, you get access to all the most advanced and sophisticated tools to start educating yourself about affiliate marketing immediately you join  here,  jet started

You have access to all the Bootcamp training,  text and video and by the time you are done with course 2 of the Bootcamp training you should’ve set up your own online business up and running.

  For those who willing to put-in works WA is the right place to transform their lives. Now don’t take my words for this,  here is the link to check things out, “see it then you believe it” isn’t it? and like I said you can join for free you don’t have to upgrade you can do that later if you really want to take your business to the roof. 

How to make $5,195.20 monthly with affiliate marketing following Todd’s advice.

The wealthy affiliate training programs still remain the same potentially above the rest of them in the industry,  still the same training that “Todd “followed-up wholeheartedly when he was a newbie till making over 4-Figure $$$$ monthly.


This post has shown you how Todd makes his money doing affiliate marketing and his advice on how you too can do the same, please if you have any questions comments or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them down below thanks. 



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