How To Make $5,000 Four Figure Monthly: Thabo Did It With Affiliate Website

Know how to make $5, 000 through website niche  with affiliate marketing Thabo has shared how his website able to generate 4 figure income constantly. Please if you have any questions on this topic feel free to leave them down the bottom I will be more than happy to get back to them. 

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I am now a four-figure earner (5000 this month) thank you wealthy affiliate.

Hello, wealthy affiliate family. I hope you are all good. I wanted to inform you as my family that my website is finally in the four-figure income.

How To Make $5k Four Figure Monthly
How To Make $5k Four Figure Monthly

The consistency of sales is what confirms it. The last time I did a post about making my first $2, 000 in a week on my article called my first $ 2, 000 in my online business in over a week.

Many members have asked me to keep them updated on my progress and earnings although I had said I will not be posting my results for long until reaching my goals of $2,000 per month which I have reached now.

Well, many of my friends and followers on Instagram wanted to know how I am getting this income since I have always been a motivation for them,   I left my job to be self-employed a year ago.

So I thought just to share with everyone about my success.  Here is an update of my earnings for may for a portion of my income which again I made $ 5, 000 this month.

income report
income report


The goal for this site has been reached and has achieved what I wanted from it. By the way, this income is not from promoting WA, it is from my niche site since I wanted something that is unique to me and that I love.

I am glad for proving to myself that affiliate marketing works. To me $ 5, 000 monthly is huge especially since my country’s currency is low the (South African rand).

Achieving this has not been 100% easy but now it has started to become easy as my website works hard for me while I sleep. Now that I have reached this goal I am aiming for my next goal which is higher than this, which I am determined to get to.

I am looking to do it with multiple websites. The training has really helped me and also I have experimented with many ways for my website, which I talked about in my post called ways to increase traffic supper effectively.

So all my success has been attributed to the training and my few ways I use now and again.

Wealthy Affiliate has also opened more opportunities for me such as people approaching me on Instagram to ask me to be part of their organization as a professional affiliate marketer to teach people worldwide.

I have turned down these offers for now since I am already working on three income-producing vehicles which I love: Affiliate marketing, trading, and running a dancing school.

Gladly I feel whole with my life and grateful for the progress.

Here is  some motivation and advice words to others…

Do something you love and understand

I see many people online just following niches with  which  they do not really love it 100 %. 

This is a business so you must treat it as such ok . . I like promoting WA but it is not 100 % what I enjoy that is why my site for that is not really active but my niche website however I think about it daily.

keep learning every day 

Learn and keep repeating until it becomes second nature and implement it to your business. 

Some people just do training and forget it. Makes sure all the things you do keep learning and repeating it put it into practice, take actions. 

Do not give up 

Some days are bad some  are good as you see my income screenshot is not constant weekly

Had I gave up on my website which did not work earlier I would not be getting my website income I am getting weekly and monthly right now.

I am very ecstatic with the consistency of 4 figures and this makes me push more. I hope you had a good read and thank you for reading my story and best wishes “

 By – Thabo 

You can make happen too

Are you ready to make happen in your life like him, ready to be self-employed like Thabo did? be motivate don’t give up on yourself. This is what anybody can do maybe you  think that like you don’t have any experience in building a website or doing affiliate marketing. You see, success has been made by many people that when they started  they are just like you without any experience online. 

They know nothing about how to build a website or how to set it up and what affiliate marketing is all about but when they discovered  opportunity that can change their life they took actions and learn how to do it  later  their life change.

would  you like to be one of them? learn how to be your own boss no more 9 to 5 you have time for your self,  work for yourself no one is controlling you  no more you have authority over your life, start work anytime you like and close anytime choose where to work and who you want to work with. These are huge advantages in working for yourself online.

what is the right place to get started 

 The right place for anyone ready to make change in their lifes is wealthy affiliate. WA will help  you to get started  it is the right place and the same place where Thabo started from know nothing online and become 4 figure earner as he is today.

It is “free”  to join here and you have access to the most advanced state of the art and most sophisticated tools to get your business rolling,  this is for you if you already have an online or internet marketing experience and you wanted to broaden your “node”  WA is for everyone learns how to build a website set it up and start generating  revenue in an easy step by step.

Learn affiliate marketing and how you can make passive income through it, learn how to make a confident blogger, YouTuber, SEO expert, keyword expert, and the list go on and on. 



As a starter member, you get one free website including hosting and all the support to grow business online. If you like may want to upgrade to the premium membership with the cost of $19 the first month and $49 per month later or you want can  go yearly you get $399 per year.

Wealthy affiliate now have  premium-plus wish include more advance features like the “Jaaxy enterprise”, “50 website” hostable, “$200 worth of credit and 1 free domain name”. 

Also includes is over 200 extra expert live classes per year, live Q and A sections with experts and so much more, if you want to know more here is  link and see things  by yourself. 


I will like to hear back from you all and if you have any question comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave them down below thank. 


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