How To Make $5 Dollar Daily Passive Income Doing Affiliate: Kuda Did It From Zimbabwe

Here is how you  make passive income online it may begins with $5 and then grows to many more thousands, would you love to make make money while you asleep? Kuda did it and his life change see how here :

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5 dollars everyday passive income thanks to WA 

It feels like yesterday when I was doing the financial goals lesson here at WA. I can’t believe it is 5 years already. I have been looking at one of my affiliate commissions and I realized that I am getting $5 a day from a affiliate program. Imagine waking up in the morning and only to realize that you have already made money while asleep.

The beginning of the journey

When I started my blog and now, I started my first blog website around 2014/15 following the wealthy affiliate training, at this stage, most of the things here did not make any sense at all and as a beginner, you will end up copy and paste other people’s content hahaha.

I m sure most beginners are guilty of that. yes, true story. My blog to this day is still online and it is one of the creations I am so proud of. Fast forward years I had to improve on writing and gained a lot of traction to my site.

How I shift focus on my strengths

I have tried many methods to bring traffic to my website. one day I did check my statistic and realized that most of the customers that were clicking my affiliate links are coming from google search.

I was a bit confused at this stage as I needed to continue with Facebook marketing. with the help of other wealthy affiliate members, they suggested that I should focus on what is bringing results for me which is writing. I did exactly as they suggested. 

Targeting the local market forward with my content…

I am based in Zimbabwe, upon realizing a few people writing about Zimbabwe in the make money online niche.

I decided to focus on such topics. it was then when I stumbled upon keywords that pushed my articles to get me $5 dollars a day in passive income. The product/ service I promoted in.. 

 Articles on my website bring me recurring income.

check out the break through of my $5 per day here :

$5×30 = $150 per month !! what can this money do in Zimbabwe? 

Doing the work once and getting passive income is a great feeling. $5 a day may seem to be a small amount.

But in zimbabwe and some countries in Africa, the majority of people that go to work from 9 am to 5 pm earn less than $150 per month.

So imagine getting a full month salary without lifting up a finger yet others would spend 30 days to get it.

How To Make $5 Daily Passive Income
How To Make $5 Daily Passive Income

Fear and confusion may kick-in but persevere

I overcome my fears and focus on my goals. and infarct one of my greatest fears in writing is spelling and grammars issue . There was a time when I stopped writing for a while because I was feeling bad about it.

Then later I realized that what really matters is getting people to understand what you are trying to say and have them clicking on the affiliate links. besides the search engine is not looking for spelling mistakes it’s looking for content. hahaha 


Help me celebrate this milestone. today I am reflecting on the day I joined a wealthy affiliate and thank God I did not give up.

I will continue to work towards increasing my passive income. oh, How I love passive income. 


That is how Kuda make $5 daily and that is just one out of many sources that he makes his money online doing his own business working for himself. If he can do it, you can do it too. 

Kuda is just an ordinary person like anybody else when he stated  in 2015 at the wealthy affiliate training program he had to follow the priceless training to become a super affiliate marketer today check out Kuda bio here at WA  


wanna start changing your life for the better now ? 


Would like to start changing your own life too creating your own business and start making more money online? no more 9 to 5 job and you have more time for yourself and also for your loved ones. ” there is nothing like working up in the money and realized that you already make money ” kuda said. 

The only place you can do this is a wealthy affiliate this the same place where Kuda started from learning all that is needed  to build a successful website online for free.

You will be having access to all the tools you need to star-making money online, learn ins and out about what affiliate making is all about. 

Advantage in join the wealthy affiliate training program. 

Here are lots of huge benefit of joining a wealthy affiliate I will mention just a few of them here :

WA training course 

You have access to all the training modules that including, a live class database, training classrooms, video walk through, core certification course, affiliate Bootcamp, weekly live video classes, and an advanced weekly training webinar. 

Built and host your own website for free.  

Yes at the wealthy affiliate platform you can build, host, and set up your own website at the cost of zero, and not only that you also get a good website backup every day free, high-speed hosting, with over 5,000 daily visitors, instant DNS, site speed extreme,

SSL for free, security package for your website, website builder, feedback platform on your website, high-resolution image for your website, automated image compression, duplicate content checker, DDoS protection, botnet protection, website install, and most of all you can host your own domain at wealthy affiliate. 

Private coaching 

This is another great one here you get access to the cofounder Kyle and Carson for a private coach and even the whole community there. 

Community help

wealthy affiliate is one the fast-growing online community that can help you get started online just ask them your question you will get an answer within a twink of an eye and not only that you get 24/7 live hemp from the help desk itself, accelerate private help, 24/7 365 website support, integrated training help and so much. 

Learn affiliate and how to become one 

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative business that anyone can do to make money online there is so much money to make and if want to know how affiliate marketing works this is the right place for you to get started.

Not Only that you will also learn about: how to become an networking experts, how to create you own personal affiliate blog from scratch, how to use keyword research tool, competition

analysis, site rank tracking, how to choose a niche and keyword lists, affiliate program search, affiliate program management, how to make money while still learning, how to become a millionaire online and so much more.


All of these and so much more  wealthy affiliate offers you for free you are an intelligent person don’t give up on your self and your dreams  click here and get started avoid scams.

Work for yourself  remember that if  ” if you don’t work for self  another person will use you  for his own”


Any question?

I like to hear back from you all and if you have any questions comments or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave all your questions and comment down below and I will be so glad to get back to them thanks.





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