How To Make $40K A Week On Website Selling Own Products

Whether you are a newbie online or you are an experienced online marketer this might motivate you. Bryon had shared how he made $40 in a week with his business and his advice and tips on how you too can do the same.

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$40, 000 in one weekend 

People have asked me for an update to my $0 to $10,000 post (for those who have not read it, it is here O to $10k 

I didn’t want to just do a one years later type update so I waited for something good to come along instead. 

this is that post!

How To Make $40K A Week
How To Make $40K A Week

How I learned to stop worrying and love black Friday

Last year I didn’t do a single Black Friday promotion. I was burned out with all the other affiliate offers I was getting and decided I wanted to set myself apart. I didn’t want my business to look like just another affiliate pimping all the BF offers out there. 

probably a mistake though, I could have cashed in.

fast forward to this year and I didn’t want to do a black Friday offer again. why? well, partly through personal choice,, partly because I didn’t really know what to do for it. 

for those of you who don’t know, I sell my own products, service really and so while many people here cleaned up as an affiliate during black Friday, I was on the other end, as the company doing the promotion, much like WA like does.

However, over the course of November, several things changed my mind and I decided to do a promotion: 

  1. sale had been slow for the first 2 to 3 weeks. I realized that people were getting ready for BF even if I wasn’t. some of them might even have been hoping I’d do a promo ( i did get a few emails about this from customers and affiliate alike ) 
  2. I have been planning to launch an additional service to supplement my existing one and I thought this would be a perfect time to test the demand for it. 
  3. this would also force me to actually get that extra service completed rather than just putting it off every month.
  4. I’ve read a few books on launches recently and figured I’d put my new knowledge to good use 

I put together a simple offer:

buy a done-for-you affiliate site from us over the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and get lifetime access to my new service for free

it was a pretty good offer and would save people hundreds of dollars, but I still had a bit of fear.

I didn’t test the demand for the additional service so if people weren’t interested in it, the whole promotion would bomb.

when you own your own product, you have more irrational fears about messing up by discounting them, doing a promo that fails, or finding out that people don’t like them anymore.

when you put that irrational fear together with the fact that November had been slow ( like 40% revenue compare to the previous months)

I was going into black Friday a bit worried would people be interested in my offer? would they care that I was bringing out a new service? would I be able to generate interest over the noise of all the other companies doing black Friday promos?

would I be able to write good enough sales copy with only three days to prepare? etc etc … the list goes on.

only one way to find out though right? 

implementing the offer

so the first thing I did was write a blog post outlining the offer, what people would get out of it, and the rules of qualifying.

I did this about three days before Black Friday. 

In a way, it was kind of wired putting together a promotion for a service we hadn’t even rolled out yet.

This whole thing was kind of like “buy a site from us and get access to something we’ve not created yet. 

pre-selling is actually very simple if you manage expectations.

I said several times over the course of the promotion that the new service was coming out at the end of the year, so everybody would know they were buying for something not out yet ( hey they were getting a site as well though).

I then sent an out to my list ( about 4, 000 subscribers) letting them know about the post and the offer.

I wanted to gauge the response and also wanted people to start getting ready to buy.

I actually still had a huge fear that nobody would buy but I had done enough of this type of email to know that it works well, so I had to go through the motions and try to push doubt to the back of my mind. 

at this point, you are probably wondering how someone “successful” can still have doubts. it is simple really.

if you are doing anything worth doing you are going to have a fear of failure. what you get better at is coping with that fear. 

building up hype 

I sent one more email about 5 hours before midnight EST on thanksgiving. I wasn’t sure if people would be reading email during TG or not but I got some pretty good metrics:

How To Make $40K A Week
How To Make $40K A Week

there is always someone who complains you email them after they signed up to your list and gave you permission to email them.

the purpose of this email was to tell people what time we were launching the promo, what time we were opening the cart as such. it was also just an easy excuse to remind people about it. 

again, I was also using these emails to gauge interest.

so far, about a dozen or so people replied to my emails asking about the offer but most of them were existing customers asking if they would qualify, or if they do need to buy again to get the offer.

that was a good sign, but not necessarily indicative of the overall sentiment.

pressing the next send button 

when the time finally came to send the “we are live” email, once again I was pretty nervous.

I felt like this was going to make or break my month and now that I have something like $25, 000 in monthly expenses ( yes, really ) there is more pressure to make sure you get a good result.

at this point, we,d already made enough money in November to cover expenses, so there was no fear that my people would get paid, I just didn’t want to have no money left over for myself. 

I needn’t have worried, because I had put together a good offer and people love it.

after is sent the email, I waited about 40 minutes before checking the results. I didn’t want to be going crazy waited for the sales to come in, so I left it long enough( i hope ) to see a few results.

the results 

after 40 minutes, I wanted to see that maybe 5 people had bought a site. this would be a good sign for the weekend.

we actually made 14 sales in that first 40 minutes ( about 9K in revenue) and over the course of Black Friday weekend, we made a total of 55 sales, bringing us just under $40,000 in revenue. as you can see below $20,000 of that was on the 25th alone.

How To Make $40K A Week
How To Make $40K A Week

it wasn’t all profit, of course, delivering the service we sold has its own costs, but let just say I was able to enjoy shopping that weekend a little more.

So how does this concern you? 

obviously, I’m sharing this story because I am incredibly proud of the results and I know how inspirational that previous post I made was, so I wanted to give people a follow-up.

more importantly, I also wanted to point out what kind of things are possible once you have some authority built. let’s recollect what I did:

  • I came up with an offer in a short period of time 
  • I wrote a quick post about the offer.
  • I shared it with my email list.
  •  I launched the offer and over the weekend sent a few reminder emails that are all I did to get this $ 40, 000 revenue, but of course the hard work was done months and years previously.

So let this a testament to why you should keep building your authority and keep growing your asset.

you might think you are doing a lot of work for nothing right now but in a few years, you’ll be doing a little work for a lot and that is when you get to feel very grateful that you found wealthy affiliate and you stick with it. 


 Here is How  you make $40k a week with your own website in a week selling your own products? 

  •  Came up with an offer in a short period of time 
  • Wrote a quick post about the offer.
  •  Shared it with my email list.
  •   Launched the offer and over the weekend sent a few reminder emails that are all I did to get this $ 40, 000 revenue,
  • And  of course your  hard work prior

So…Now what can you do ?

By following the process step by step you can make that happen too.

It’s free to join and learn how to create your own business online the same way, the same training, and the same process that Bryon followed-p a few years age to making over $40K on his business.

Here is the link to join the training you get trained even if you don’t know how to build a website. you have access to all the training, text, videos, live webinars

How To Make Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing Like Eddy With "Y"
How To Make Over $1 Million With Affiliate Marketing Like Eddy With “Y”


and advanced live classes with experts including Q&A sections these are tools you need to set up your own website/business and start generating revenue. 


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