How To Make $3.75K Monthly On Your Website With Affiliate Marketing

Want to making money online with your website ? this article might help you whether you are new to affiliate marketing or you already had experienced in the game,  here is Zarina’s story for  you, started from zero to making over $3.75K a month with her website.

For how she did it and she also had a piece of advice for you. Just take a read on this one and please if you have any questions comment or anything concerning this topic feels free to leave them down the bottom. 

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My first $3.75K monthly, 2.5 years later! ( patience pays off)

Hey WA family, long time no post! This post is 1500 words long but I hope you will still enjoy reading it till the end! and I hope it inspires you.

I was reluctant to write this post but I want to give back to wealthy affiliates, I remember how I got inspired reading WA success stories.

Also in this post, you will learn how I use my own post surgery 2 years lockdown to do the work and how now I am collecting the rewards during the actual crisis and lockdown we see worldwide.

All thanks to wealthy affiliates training and support if you are new you should start from the very first lesson here.

so …

today I do like to share an update on my sites but first :

why I wasn’t active on WA

some of you asked me where do I disappear and there are a few reasons why I wasn’t as active on WA as I used to.

  1. I focused on building my websites

focusing on WA rankings isn’t gonna make me moolah. if you are new to the platform, don’t focus on it, focus on your website instead. (first tip right there)

2. Corona situation threw me off big time and I needed to get off the internet for a few weeks

now a bit of background before getting to the most interesting part of today’s post.

My online journey: a bit of background

So .. there is a separate post where I talk about my journey and struggles in business and life but I will share a bit here too.

you might notice that I joined WA back in the autumn of 15.

Back then, while I did some work online, I wasn’t consistent and wasn’t making much.

the first few sites were too broad, weren’t something I was too interested in and I had no concrete strategy.

Not to mention that I kept getting distracted instead of following through with the training and doing the work.

Hell, it is very hard to patient and persistent. You really have to learn how to treat your website as a business.

Then there was an orthopedic surgery after the accident and because it was a serious foot reconstruction, I could walk for a long time.

I was literally stuck in 4 walls in another country and thought I do go insane of pain physically and emotionally because I went through a heartbreak too.

it was probably the only time I smiled in so many months, only because I was supposed to be back home in Canada the following week.


despite not making a thousand in the beginning, I was still a premium at WA. deep down, I knew that this business model works, I was just lazy, inconsistent, and impatient. and reading success stories always inspired me.

that why I want to give back to the community by sharing mine today.

and then one day 2 months after the surgery, I read Dylan’s post on his “Best of ” strategy forever thankful, by the way.

I thought that I need to use my brain so I stay sane. I also thought that I need to think long-term. that even though I am on my quarantine eventually I would walk again and would want to travel again

I thought :

if I seriously put the work in now as much as I can whenever I can then when I am back on my feet I do be able to around again.

the irony though in august 2019, I did book a 2.5-month trip/ language school/ accommodation to Rio de Janeiro for march 18, 2020 only to cancel it all on March 16th because of the stupid coronavirus.


I knew that if I want to do that I need to start making money online. luckily that, I knew making money online is possible and had the foundation and I knew that it works.

I just needed to make it work. stay patient and persistent. so I started my brand new Amazon niche website on Oct 29, 2017. then though pain and tears slowly as a turtle veeeeery slowly I started adding content.

believe me, it was hard as f**k because all I could think of was a pain for a very long time. no painkillers worked on me.

Looking back, I honestly have no idea how I kept going with the website. somehow, I push through. and I’ve achieved many milestones along the way.

The milestones achieved

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  • I will just add an old post here so I don’t repeat myself
  • 1-week old website: 19 clicks, 3 ordered items go amazon!
  • I Broke my first $ 100 in a single day (June update )
  • September 2018 marks my first $500 monthly (amazon niche site update)
  • It is getting better: $500 plus in 2 days ( amazon niche site progress)
  • 4 figure in 1 Year. finally! (quick update)
  • My amazon site paid for my trip to Washington DC ( and I met nomadic matt )
  • 4 years at WA, Main website 2nd birthday and a gift for myself!

what a crazy journey!

in the last WA post, I shared that I haven’t broken $2K/monthly


I did massively break my own record in April 2020, just when my website turned 2.5 years old!

What did I do? 

I added more content and diversified

even though my amazon sales were actually the lowest in a long time because I was partnered with other affiliate networks (who also offer stay at home discounts and used youtube to increase my exposure, I manage to bring my income to 3.77K that month

below are my screenshots.

Amazon April 2020


amazon April 2020
amazon April 2020


Affiliate partner 1 : $2,090 commision generated


  Affiliate partner 1 $2,090 commision generated

Affiliate partner 2 : 1,258 commission generated

Affiliate partner 2 : 1,258 commission generated


plus other small affiliate commissions, including WA which brings it to about 3750 for April 2020

by the way, at the current rate, this much money is about $5K in Canadian dollars, so in a way, I achieved 2 of my last money goals! lol. guys this feeling is ecstatic.

when you keep working and working and working, you finally achieve your goal and even beyond your goal. I’ve been trying to break my $2K record for a long time and all I had to do is diversify and think outside the box

scaling :

And now I am reinvesting some of these funds back into my business by hiring a full-time writer this month.

massive shoutout to jerry! he is da man. if it wasn’t for his training I don’t know how soon would I start scaling my business. Damn

and another shoutout to grace aka Littlemama for helping me make the right decision about what website should I focus on with my future writing.

this community is full of awesome people I’m blessed to be here and connect with you all brilliant minds.

Lessons learned

there are 3 main lessons I learned recently

Lesson 1: set higher yet achievable goals

I have had my $2K money goal written for a long time and couldn’t break it for a while ( weirdly enough )

then I heard someone saying that you need to set your goals higher because your actions will reflect the set goal. basically, if you set higher yet realistic goals, then you will put more action into achieving it.

perhaps I got too comfortable when I had the $2k goal for so long but when I wrote $5k month, guess what? a couple months later this happened that I am sharing today.

I don’t think it a coincidence.

Lesson 2: Diversify 

Especially with amazon slashing the commissions and the whole pandemic going on, I realized more than ever how important it was to diversify.

I have an MMO site as well though I don’t work on it as much as I work on my amazon site and I started a youtube channel in January though I should get back to producing video content.

amazon digital products website ads youtube ads investing…


because I diversify a few months before the quarantine pandemic went official I managed to survive. if a were to rely on amazon only I’d be in very bad shape now.

Lesson 3:   think outside the box it is kinda related to lesson 2 after some time living and breathing the niche your brain becomes wired to find ways. let yourself outside the box!

I remembered Eddy with a Y having a post on this here

you will be surprised what you can come up with to achieve your goals.

Wrapping up advice for newbies


I hope I didn’t bore you with such a lengthy post lol.

I will finish with a word of advice for newbies and a motivation image that I add at the end of my WA post.

  • Follow the training
  • Connect with people ask questions
  • Do the work and be patient for it is a business and it takes some time to take off
  • Dig your way to success!


Work for yourself

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Please if you have anything concerning this topic or any questions comment feel free to leave them down below thanks.


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