How To Make $1,000 Daily with Affiliate Marketing Like Tracey Does

Advice and  tactics you can you use in your affiliate marketing to take your business to the next level here is some  words of advice from someone who makes $1000 daily with affiliate marketing and what makes it possible; please if you have any question about this topic feel free to leave them down the bottom of this post. 

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OMG $1000 per day now this is smart affiliate marketing 

Just a quick hello friends: for those who know me and my profile I am working with 

hostels in  Newzealand and have help thousands of young travelers find work for free while they stay in our hostel.

Well around October 10 every year we get busy with new travelers especially from Europe and new work so I have been busy extremely offline working around 7 am 11 pm for the past 2 weeks this peek period and higher than usual traffic is common for this time of the years however this year I have decided to be smarter and to help even more people and put a small value on the fantastic service I can offer.

My message here is not undervalued the value of the product or service you can offer to someone find the solution to a problem then find the reasonable value that can be attributed to that product or service. then market to your niche market.

” edit the solution was initially a typo buy I actually like the smart solution that it can also imply”


I dn’t understanding affiliate marketing,  till I joining wealthy affiliate 

I discovered since that I have actually been doing it for years … the dumb way! you see for years I have been helping young international travelers find work so they can stay longer in our hostel, the longer they stay working the more money they make, the more money I make.

( when they continue to stay in our hostel paying around NZ$20 per night) .. and the employers I network with are happy to get their jobs done ina timely manner. WIN WIN WIN .. so what is the problem with that up till now we have been doing this networking!

and service thing for free – this is a very dumb affiliate marketing! don’t me wrong the hostel business is good, love most of the people, and we turnover 6 figure manually but is totally reliant on the efforts my husband and I put in every day 24/7 we are tied to the millstone and see no way to escape the daily grind.

My update so far

 I wrote the above post to explain to my followers here at wealthy affiliate what I was doing and why I may appear not as active here at WA. well 10 days after writing this post my hostel was fully booked till Christmas and some through January. please to report that very young traveler is into seasonal work each earning around NZ$700 – $1000 per week.

How To Make 1,000 Daily with Affiliate Marketing Like Tracey Does

Job is done – using momentum to achieve even more 

Usually at that time, I can relax and just take care of running our hostel. however this year I have used the skills learned from WA and adopted the affiliate marketing principles and expanded my job-finding service and instead of for free people actually pay now for my service.

Results since the 19th -23th only five days I have helped dozens of additional people ( people who do not stay in our hostel ) into a job my personal goal to get them started in work within 1 – 3 days most are starting within 1 day. So by helping others into a job to start within 1-3 days honest jobs working around 8 – 10 hours per day where they can earn around $700 – $1000 + per week .. who is happy now? everyone! 

Financial success 

Now with this new enterprise, I have now been turning over an average of NZ$1000 per day for the past 5 days. this is using the momentum of the previous and current marketing activities, which is still not yet fully optimized but is ready showing great results. 

Lesson message 

the lesson message here is to search and you can find, when you find a wave ride it, use momentum, and be prepared to work hard to find ways to help others achieve what they want to achieve. Leverage this to help achieve what you want to achieve as well so then everyone wins.

The future

I do not expect this $1000 per day turnover to continue on a daily basis, this may last only a few weeks. what I have shown is the ability to look for a trend and to leverage from the ability to help people find a solution to a problem to achieve what they want and to generate an additional income stream for yourself.

My next step is to move this new product/ service online to find better ways to use the marketing skills used here from wealthy affiliate.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement, I have finally actually written a post today for social media, is also a page on my website

Edit a month Later

ok.. so through it best if I report my first month of this new service so ok I hit the road running in the first 5 days and did not continue to maintain a $1000 per day turnover.

However, I am happy to report that in the past month that, yes in 30 days my turnover was NZ$1400 in additional revenue – thanks to the Wealthy affiliates principles and confidence gained in my first 3 months of being a WA member and Wealthy affiliate entrepreneur.

Those who know me will also know what I have not been as active in the WA community reflected in my ranking but I am still here powering away with loads of ideas building my networks and business and communities.

The job finding service to another level and yet has plateaued the last 2 months but we are building to another pear season for work so I’m collaborating with others to create something even better.


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