How To Get Website Ready For SEO The Initial Website Settings at wealthy affiliate.!

Know How To Set Your Website The Initial Setting After Build Up

Do the SEO settings of your website, the reason for this is that,it will be very easy for  search engines to find your website.

Your newly built website need to be index by the search engines including Google, Bing and of cause yahoo.

When you do the initial setup of your website what that  tells Google and the rest search engines is that,  they can go ahead and index your website for  it is ready for them to be found.

picture of a website
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Then after that, your website will be getting indexed and  rankings as you continue adding contents on it.

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Get your website index and rank

If you can be able to do the right thing that is needed to be done, the

correct setup of things, on your website, like the right plugins to download, activate them and set them up.

You will be surprised how your website will rank faster on the search engines among the rest. 

what is plugins

 A plugin is like an app on your mobile phone, it  helps to boost more features on  website.

In other words, it help to add more value to your website,  more than over 54,900 different kinds of plugins that are available that can  help in the development of your website.

Many of them has been created for you to make use of them, you can download them,  set them up and boost more features to your website.

Plugin like” Kraken” will help to optimize the image that you embedded on your website   pages and post.

“SASSY” will help you to share your post and pages on the social medial.

“Anti Hacker” will prevent your website from being hacked.

“Text checker” will help to correct the grammar error on your post and pages.

“E-commerce plugin ” will allow you to sell a product directly from your website all these plugins and so much more will helps you when they are properly setup. 

what are  most important plugins needed on  website ? 

For your website to get proper attention from the search engine you will need to need some certain plugin to be downloaded and properly set them up.

These are some of the most  important plugins that you have to  downloaded and set up properly in other to get  your website online properly function.

Kraken image optimizer

This plugin needed to download and set up properly on your website, if you are building your website on wealthy affiliate platform, this plugin had been downloaded and activated by default.

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You don’t have to set up anything, it has been already set up and ready to use.

It is a great plugin that will help to compress your website image so that they load faster, it will make it to be moderate and not too big, for better loader and quicker.

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The benefits of this plugin are huge including it will make your website load faster and run quicker, for google love those websites with fast loading.

It will help your website to be more efficient and rank better in google and the rest search engine.

If your website runs faster you can be rest assured that your website will rank higher as sooner as possible.

Classic Editor 

This is the WordPress classic content editor, it is the one responsible, whenever you be able to create and manage your contents  on  WordPress.

 It enables you to create,  update, manage,  and edit your pages and posts on your website in a benevolent manner.

The classic editor is has been downloaded also activated by default if

you are a wealthy affiliate member, you don’t have to bother about this, just leave it  like that you don’t do anything.

All In one SEO pack

This is an important plugin needed to be activated and set up properly.

It is the one that is responsible for the structure and the search engine optimization.

You are going to be managing and setup your website META TAGs and how  Google and the other search engines display your website contents.

All these and so much more other features that are needed to be set will be set up through “All in one SEO pack”,  including your website title, your website name.

create your own website online
create your own website online

Google analytics and other search engines” I D” “code” Facebook and other social media account.

Page index or noindex settings and so much more. Once you have

downloaded the necessary plugins on your site the next thing to do is to activate them.

How to download a plugin on  website 

To download a plugin to your website is easy to follow these easy step to get it done within a seconds.

Go to the dashboard of your website.

image of a website dashboard
image of a website dashboard


Hover over to the  plugin and click on “ADD NEW”, all the plugins to install will show up. 

what you are going to do is to look for the one that you wanted to download.

Or You can search for  them on the search box 

 Click on “install now” when you have found it, and viola ! your plugin is ready to be activated.

How to activate plugins On  website 

 To activate any plugin on your website here is how you do that :

Go to the dashboard of your website and hover over “plugins” tab at the sidebar of your dashboard.

image of a website dashboard
image of a website dashboard

Click it and all the plugin installed will show up,  look for the “Activate” box and check them.

Then click on “Apply” to activate them, your plugins is now activated and you are  good to go.

Set Your Website  SEO 

It is very important  to do because this will make your website visible for the visitors to see on the search engines.

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You are going to set up the  home page section of  “All in one SEO” you will be  adding your website title,and  your website descriptions, so that

Google and the rest  search engines will know what your website is all about.

This descriptions and the title that you add is what is going to show up in search engine.

How To Setup Website SEO 

To set up your website SEO has been made easy if you are wealthy affiliate member.

You will be using the all in one SEO plugin to set your website up and running.

image of a website dashboard
image of a website dashboard

Once you have downloaded and activated your plugin the next thing to do is to set up the SEO.

Here is how you go about this to get started.

Go to the dashboard of your website, so hoover over “all in one SEO” and go for “General settings ” from the sidebar of the website menu. Here is what you are going to be setting up:

Website home title 

It is the brand name of the website, the name of your website, you

might also want to add more additional text to it more reasonable and appealing. The ideal character you want you to use is 45 to 55 character 

The home description of your website 

The home description of your website is what explain your website, you are going to type in a few words to describe  what your website is all about.

image of a website dashboard
image of a website dashboard

Describe your website within and ideal description character count of 140 to 160, why it was built, and what is it all about.

The next thing you want to do after all those is to scroll down and look for the “keywords settings”  section, enabled the “USE KEYWORDS”.

Then you are good to go, scroll down to the bottom then you see the “UPDATE OPTIONS” the blue-button click the button and, viola! there you go!.

Your website is now ready for the set up has been made, your site will be found by search engine including the big one like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest of them, isn’t that easy?


Let your website be found in Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest search engines.

The initial setup of your website is  as if you are laying a  foundation of your site.

It is fundamental, do it correctly. If you want to learn how to build a website for free, or you would like to learn how to make money online,

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