How To Get Website Ready For Content-Clean Ups Plugin Updates-Wealthy Affiliate Lesson 4.

Once you’ve chosen your direct, chosen your niche, your theme and your WordPress site had been built up, the next thing is to  

get your website ready for content. Know how to get the website ready for content-clean the ups Plugin and update it Wealthy Affiliate Lesson 4 of phase 1,  has covered that up here is the to check it out  

then after that, it will be up and running. The video attached to this post will show you more than all you need to know, so follow the video for it going to show you more things there.

If you don’t know how to choose your niche you can click here I have written a post that has covered that up.

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So with that being said, .. know how you can delete the dummy post and sample pages, (Are those pages and posts that come with the WordPress theme on your website).

These are contents that you don’t need to add up to your website, it is of no relation to your site, they are irrelevant.

You have to delete them all, you will have to do the same also for the post, and also “sample page” that is how they called it.

Delete them! they have no value!… you are going to know how to do that on this post, just before I move further, I like to say this.

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Building a website nowadays has been made easy for everyone, you don’t have to be web a designer or an IT individual to build a website. 

All you need is to follow the easy step by step to get done, here is what I am going to be talking about on this post :

  • About the dashboard of your WordPress website 
  • How to delete the dummy post, the comments also included 
  • How to delete the sample page on your website 
  • And how to update the plugins and themes on your website

what is the dashboard In WordPress website 

It is the back office, an area where you get all the necessary tools in

your website building process.

A dashboard  is where you can perform tasks concerning your website, it also includes the admin area and the settings

 Delete The Simple Page And The Dummy Post On Website

These are the automated content installed on your WordPress theme, they are irrelevant and you will have to get rid of all of them, they are dummies with irrelevant pieces of information to your website.

Here is how you can delete the dummy post, the pages, and even the comments :

How To Delete The Dummy Post

To get started go to the “Dashboard” of your WordPress website

picture of a website dashboard and a page to be deleted
picture of a website dashboard and a page to be deleted

 Then click on “Post” it will show you all the post on your site that has been

published, go for the dummy post and click and move it to the trash, by clicking the red “TRASH “button.

How To Delete The Simple Page

You are going to use the exact way used to delete the dummy post.

From your WordPress dashboard, click the “Page” tab and look for the

picture of a website dashboard and a sample post to be deleted
picture of a website dashboard and a sample post to be deleted

simple page, it says “simple page” that is how it looks like.

But sometimes it might be more than one dummy page or post, that depends on the theme that you choose.

 Some themes even come with the privacy policy, you might want to delete that also or you might want to use it as your website privacy policy but make sure that use it as no “index” on your website.

What that means is that you are telling Google not to index that privacy policy, so that to avoid penalization because that particular content is a copied one.

So select those pages and move them to the trash, by clicking the red “TRASH” button, now your website has been cleaned up and neat you have to get it done, getting it ready to add your contents, isn’t that easy ? is as simple as that.

 Update Plugins and Themes On Your Website

Now the next thing to do is lookup for the updates, if there is one you would see “update” and the number in red at the left corner of your WordPress dashboard.

There is always an improvement in the WordPress features,  it is an ongoing process.

The increment in their features is huge, so oftentimes you might find out that is an update on your website for you to deal with.

How To Update Plugins and themes On Your Website

To do the plugins update on your website go to the “Dashboard” of your WordPress site.

picture of a website dashboard and plugin to be updated
picture of a website dashboard and plugin to be updated

The update will show up if there is anyone click the “update” button and you see all available plugins that need to be updated.

Tick the boxes and click “update plugins” then you are good to go within a blink of an eye.  Use the same process to update your website themes.

Like I have said you might not see any updates if there is none, you don’t have to worry or do anything  further if there is any update make

sure sure you do the update of any plugins or even themes on your website. 


 Getting your website ready is a normal thing to do to begin to add your content to it, it is crucial and a must.

To get rid of any irrelevant dummy pages and posts, follow the process that has been discussed above, you can also watch the video that I had

attracted to this post whenever you want to do a website cleanup.

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