How To Find Keyword Criterias For SEO Content On Jaaxy-Can It Help?

Find Keyword Criterias For the best SEO content  to get rank quickly on search engines

know there are  criterias that your keywords has to meet before it can be able to get rank higher quickly.

There are 3 criteria that your keywords have to meet a perfect SEO.

And Jaaxy as most trusted  keyword research tool, had made keyword research  easier for you.

Using jaaxy as your keyword research tool will make all complex job easy for you


tackle with simple mind.


Everything had been broken down, no need to worry or overthink things when you are do your keyword research for your content.

Here is what I am talking about, what you are going to be looking at when it comes to SEO keyword research for your content are :

  • Traffic 

The keywords that you are going to be using  must get at least some traffic on them, don’t just use any keyword.

Try to use a traffic keyword for  a quicker and better ranking  in search

engines, your keywords must get some certain amount of monthly searches on Google and other search engines.

  • The Competition of the particular keyword that you want you.

The keyword you want to use must be under 100 QSR competition recommended   for a newer website.

You don’t want to use keywords that are too competitive,  the lower your keyword competitions the better.

The possibility of getting rank quickly within search engines with that particular keyword is huge, target keywords under 200 QSR is recommended only  when your

business begin to grow and your website begins to get more authority over a particular period of time.


  • Your keyword must be correct grammatically and make sense.

You are going to check properly whether the keyword you are about to use is grammatically correct.

You need to make sure that the phrase or word you are using could be used in a proper sentence.

Be grammatically correct in any keyword you use on your content, it is very important, let your keywords make sense,  note that not all phase or word can use be any how. 

How to discover the key 3 keyword criteria for your content

To discover these 3 criteria needed for your content to get rank and


more impression from the search engines like the Google and the rest

search engines you need a perfect keyword research tool to do your keyword research properly.

Jaaxy is the most formidable keyword research tool, it’s the right tool to construct your content if you really want to take your business to the high level within a short period. 

what Jaaxy is all about?

jaaxy is one of the most important instrument you need for a proper structure for your content to be perfect SEO.

Free research tool that you can also use to pimp on your competitors, you could discover what your competitors are up to.

what more can jaaxy  help you with

It very efficient in keyword research, it features is very easy to use and very  accurate result you get.

It gives you more keywords ideas for your content to be properly structured out.

You are could  know the traffic you can expect if you choose a particular keyword. 

It provide you in  full detail  results during your  keyword research process.

Reliable with most advanced feature to take your business to the next level.

 You could use jaaxy to get a niche idea, you get more  data about what is the latest trend or niche and keywords.

jaaxy will let you know whether you can rely on a particular niche or not. 

jaaxy will let you know about your competitors and what they are all about within a keyword.

You could know your competitors and what they rank for and how in search engines .

Know all the criteria that every single keyword has in full detail, it will reveal your site rank including that of all your posts and pages.

jaaxy is also an affiliate programs finder, find out the best affiliate programs to join in for your business.

The alphabet soup is another thing that featured in jaaxy,  you will get a suggestion of  relative words and phrases you could use for content  base on your search. 

You could build your “to-do-list” on it, it is a list of all your research keyword that you have.  A list to get back to when you need them.


Save your keyword list and even organised them by the topic,  jaaxy will help you find the lower competitive keywords that are great in  quick index and in ranking.

 You can use it to found out about domain name during your domain buying process.

who is the owner of jaaxy ?

Jaaxy was co-founded by Kyle and Carson,  It was created and designed by the same guys who own wealthy affiliate Online university.

They are online developers and entrepreneurs with a gigantic online experience in creating easy to use formidable and advanced technology features tools like jaaxy and the wealthy affiliate platform.

Jaaxy is well known all over the industry for it accurate and easy to use features that come with it , it is the best keyword tool that had  ranked above the rest.

How to use jaaxy for your keyword research 

Now that you’ve get the knowledge about  3 criteria to take into consideration before you use any keyword on your  content, posts or

pages,  the next thing to do is to know how to use Jaaxy to help find out about your keyword .

Here is how you can use it to search for your keywords :


  • Go to the quick search feature
    image of jaaxy keyword research tool
    image of jaaxy keyword research tool

    at the right side on the Jaaxy menu.

  • click on the menu.
  • The sub-menu will open up, type any word or phrases that you wanted to search for on the search tap. 
  • Then you immediately get an accurate result from Jaaxy.

So remember the 3 criteria that your keyword must have,  look for that exact keyword from the result.

Always put that at the back of your mind,  and if you search and you

don’t see the full data, you can just click on the “Get QSR” link and it will fetch out the data that you are looking for.

image of jaaxy keyword research tool
image of jaaxy keyword research tool

That is how you use jaaxy for your keyword research.

Now would you like to try jaaxy now?   if yes,  try the power of Jaaxy right now, down bellow,  to see with your own eyes, type in any phrase or word on the search tab ⇓⇓⇓ 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 


 There is how you find keyword Criteria For Best SEO Content On Jaaxy.

but Can jaaxy Help? Yes absolutely it is the only keyword research tool that you can always rely on. It has a  very accurate and easy to use

features, jaaxy will help you structured out  your content perfectly

providing you with exact data from the search engine like Google Bing Yahoo and the rest search engines.

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