How To Create Menu And Initial Pages Like About Me, Privacy Policy And Contact Page On Your Website At Wealthy Affiliate.

Once  you’ve understand  that relevant content is very important and that your content must be engaging and unique,  the next thing you are

going to do is to create and add the initial pages onto your website,  after the build-up and the setup has been done.

Now, If you don’t know how to build your website and you will like to learn

how to do it here is the link, it is free and easy to learn, anybody can do it doesn’t matter who you are, you will learn how to do it yourself.

So, on this topic I am going to be showing you  how to create the initial pages  to your website, here is what  I am going to be walking you through  on this topic :

  • How to create ABOUT ME page

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    check out this  video know how to Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • How to create the Privacy Policy page
  • How to create a Contact page 
  • How can you setup menu  on your website 

All this on your website and if you are at the wealthy affiliate platform it is  very easy and most trust platforms to create your business. 

why Creating “About Me” page on your website?

The reason you want to do that is the fact that you wanted to build trust, your audience has to know who you are in other to establish trust in you brand.

If you want your  audience to have trust on your brand then  “About Me” page must be taken into consideration  it  is very important having it on your website.

People want to know what your brand is up to,  where is   your brand situated, why it was created and the reason you want to help them.

About Me page is one of the most important pages you need to include on your website, it is one of the easiest ways that your audience can use to  know and trust upon your brand.

It is where they will find all the necessary pieces of information about your website, your brand will get quick trust and you succeed on your business. 

How to write about me page 

To get started on About Me page you might want to choose how you want the title to be, for example, you might want to name it like these :

About your name for example (About Mike)

About the site, for example( About 

or About Us 

About Me 

It is advised though to use your name, it makes more senses to it, and people will know you  direct.

I always use my name on any of my websites. Here is tips  you can use to write about me page, follow these quick guides here :

  • Welcome  your visitors 

The first thing you want to do is to welcome them and you want to dedicate at list a paragraph for that. 

  • write something  about yourself 

You are going  to write a little things about your self, say something about your self most important thing here is to let it be relevant and interesting. 

  • what you intend to do with your website 

Why did you want to help people? what makes you create your website ?who are the people you want to help?, what are you going to be helping

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check out this  video know how to create your initial pages

your audience about?.

write these in a few paragraphs and you are ready to go. 

After you have done with the writing and editing your About Me page

you can now publish it, click the “Publish” button at the right side of the WordPress content writing end. 

create your privacy policy page to your website 

This is what is going to formalized your business, you need a privacy policy page on your website, it is important and recommended for a

business website, all the advertising companies will ask for your privacy policy.

It must be always in place on your website,and should be in a standard form of a document.

There is a  lot of site that you can generate a copy of privacy policy   from  for your website, however, if you are wealthy affiliate member you can get it free direct to your website.

Publish your privacy policy after you have finish editing,  adding you your website name and making it relevant to your brand, you can also add your email address to it. 

create your contact page 

Some WordPress theme does come with the contact form,  in that case what you do is to add your  contact address, your email social medial and so on.

If your theme doesn’t come with the contact form you can create one for your website add your contact addresses then you can publish it.

This will help your audience to know where they can find you and how they contact you, plus it will give them more confidence and boost more trust to your brand. 

How to create a menu on your website 

Here is how you can create a menu on your website so that you can

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check out this  video know how to create menu and set it up on your website  and the initial pages

boost the way visitors navigate through your website.

It is good to have a decent menu for this will boost users experience and thus boost Google rank.

Create your costume menu on your website so that your visitors

could navigate better , follow the easy steps here to create and set up a perfect navigation menu that will help for a better users experience.

It will lead to better rankings in Google and other search engines:

Go to WordPress dashboard and hover over “Appearance”

image of a website
image of a website

Click “menu” among sub headings under  appearance 

Then it will take you to custom menu creator, this is where you can create and customize your menu.

You will see a page section, post and custom link.

You are going to add posts to your menu for it has not been added by the default to the navigation.

This depends on your theme most themes will add a post by default and some may not.

So,  to do that you are going to click on “posts” tab, that will show you all the list of post that you have on your website, tick  the boxes of the posts that you want to add.

image of a website
image of a website

Then click “Add to menu” button to add them to your menu, and you are good to go.

You can then reorganize your menu to suite your preference, you can set the display location for your menu at the downside of the menu setting, to that check the “Main Menu”  button to make your menu show up at the main navigation at the top of your page.

Click “save” after you’ve finished the setting and, there you go it is all done!


Here is how you can create your initial pages and setup menu on your website it easy and if you can follow the easy steps and guides here you

will have no problem in setting up the initial framework on your website.  

Your thoughts 

 Create Menu And Initial Pages Like About, Privacy Policy And Contact Page On Your Website At Wealthy Affiliate.

I will like to hear your thought and if you ever have any question, comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave all

your comment and question down below I will be more than happy to hear from you all, thanks.








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