How To Create Content Or Come-up With More Ideas Within The Existing Post Created And Link Them!

Come out with more content ideas  within your post that you’ve already created on your website and link them internally.

It’s one out of many ways that you can use to have  more content created on your website.

Do you know that you can build more content through internal links?

Let me show you how you can do that right here on this topic if you don’t know  how to do that.

If you are looking  for more content ideas for your website,  going through those existing ones that you’ve already created is one  of the best for more ideas is going to help you at creating more post.

How to create more content within the existing post or pages.

You see one thing you need to understand when you are creating content is that any posts  you created on your website carry a lot of  more content on each one of them.

Here is what I am talking about here, you can come out with another content within the existing post already written or page contents.

Moving back through all the content that has been written on your website will help for more elaboration upon the existing post.

writing CONTENT

why creating more contents within the existing post ?.

creating more contents  using the one already exist helps to explaining the existing topic further but not only will it help you with more content to your website  it will also help your readers with more informations.

It will help your audience to understand further about the topic and thus keep them coming back again, again, again and again for more read because you’ve give more value to your content.

That will also boost  traffic to your website the rate of the people coming to your website will increase. 

Another reasons why you have to do that is to add an internal link back to each other and you know that Google and the rest  search engines do reward those websites with internal links.

Internal link on your website can lead to better credibility, better ranking, quick indexing on search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo.

There are lot of credits for go through the existing content on your website come out with more content ideas and build out your website creating more posts to further help to explain the topics  link them together internally  from page to post.

That tells Google and the rest search engines that your  posts has been elaborated thoroughly with high-quality content and internal links ready to crawl.

Internal links on your website will gives your website more credibility so go through all the content on your website discover more content ideas from  existing post or pages for more articles that you can elaborate on and  don’t lay too much emphasis on keywords.

Not all the post on your website is necessarily have to focus on keywords remember this.

what do you really need to do?

 The most important things that need to be taken into considerations are :

Your content needs to be readable, you need to be able to come out with an engaging content and appealing the one that will make your audience come back for more.

Write humanly like if you are explaining things with your friends or your loved ones.

Structure you content  well with good SEO and ranking strategy to elaborate more about the existing content on your website so that it will be detailed fully.

In this way you are not only dedicating a valuable content to your readers you are also writing high quality content that will permit you to elaborate more on the existing ones and make it more insightful, helpful, and appreciated.

It will also gives you more rooms to target more various kinds of valuable keywords.

Do more  research for more relevant keywords.  

 Other lucrative things that you can do to come out with more content ideas is to make a quick search online with search engines or better still, you might want to use a keyword research tool like JAAXY so that you can come out with relative but low competition keywords for your articles.

writing CONTENT
writing CONTENT

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Here is how you create more contents or get more ideas within the existing post already created.

You get more by going through the existing content and record down your ideas and continue building your website from the existing content.

As you are creating more content makes sure that you always remember to links them to each other with the interlink to make your content more appreciated and elaborated.

when creating a post or pages on your website don’t forget to write humanly write naturally as if you are talking to loved ones.

Let your content be able to engage your audience this is very important, don’t lay too much emphasis only on keywords that is not what your goals is all about.

Your goals is to be able to offer high quality content with good readability, the one that  audience love to read.

Link your pages to posts the one that gives you the idea for more content it doesn’t matter whether the page that you are linking to has different keywords or not.

Readable Content
Readable Content

More so if there are any other posts and pages that you can  link  together do so because the internal link on your content offer more opportunity for your audience to explore more about an existing content on your website and when they find out they might  want to read that too.

That will keeps them on your website for longer period of time and if search engines like Google and the rest search engines sees that people are staying more longer time on your website it will help your rankings go  higher.

Another important aspect of the internal link is that it helps crawlers.

Its make it to be easier for them to crawl your website. so put all these things at the back of your mind whenever you are creating your content or when you need more content ideas.

On this topic, I’ve shown you how to how to create more content or come up with more content idea within the existing post already created on your website I’ve also given you everything that you need to know. 

which ways do you use to come with more content ideas?

I will like to hear from you all tell us how you come up with more content ideas on your website and if you have any question

comment or anything concerning this topic please feel free to leave your comment and question down below and I will be happier to hear from you all thanks.



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