How To Build Website By Yourself Create Business Wealthy Affiliate Lesson 3

Build your own website by yourself, create your own business online, and make money.

Wealthy affiliate is the only place that is right and reliable to start your own business online,  I had started making money online in 2017, when I was just 16 years old,  if not for this great platform I wouldn’t have achieved such a high level of success online.

wealthy affiliate has opened the door for me and I am now a passive income earner. 

On this topic, I am just going to show you briefly how you too can build your own website, set it up and running and make money.

This is what you are going to be thought at the wealthy affiliate platform in full detail, the lesson 2 of phase 1 if you join.

The wealthy affiliate program will teach you how to build your website right from scratch,  follow this link if you want to create, build, or maybe you won’t know how to make money online.

To get started in building your own website is very simple and easy on the wealthy affiliate platform, once you’ve know your direction, you’ve

chosen it, and also you have chosen your niche,(something that you know and you can write something about, it could be your hobby or

your daily routine) the next thing is to build your brand,.. yes, your website is your brand and your business.

Build your website by yourself and make money, it doesn’t require you to be a website designer or a code annalist to get this started.

It is free and anyone can do it,..yeah, I like to say this, if you don’t know how or what  niche is all about, or maybe you don’t know how to

choose a niche or your direction, you can read my post here, I have written a post that has covered that up.

So as I said before, your website is your brand you will be having an idea about how you can target your audience with it.

 Is wealthy Affiliate The Best  Place To Build A Website?

Wealthy affiliate has made everything about building a successful website easy for anyone;

You get all the crucial tools that are needed to get your website up and ruining even with a great design of your own choice.

Building a website at the wealthy affiliate is fun and easy,  wealthy

affiliate is the most advanced technology online digital company that you can ever think of to get your business started online.

This platform is the best! there is nowhere you can get something similar.

They offer you the best tools if you join the platform, and it is even free.

Wealthy affiliate is ahead! in the front! build your website with the best website builder platform in the industry.

They  give the best experience and .. guess what, building your website at wealthy affiliate is not going to take you more than a minute, here is how it goes:

what Is the website Building process

When building your website you have to bear in your mind that, you are starting the first step of your business.

It is what will later become your brand, you are going to be getting visitors to your site often.

The foundation that you are laying right now, make sure that you do it at the right part.

 Simply because you need people to trust your brand and with the trust that people have, your brand is going to be getting traffic and the more traffic started coming in,  you begin generating venue into your business.

That is why the website building process is important when you get started.

Building A “” website at wealthy affiliate. 

As a free member at the wealthy affiliate platform, you have the opportunity to build your website on it is free and you don’t have to pay for anything.

You will have access to the tools needed to design and maintain it, you can make money with your site as long as it is owned by you.

To get started, simply go to the site builder on the platform, it is easy to set up your new website should be up and running within a minute.

what is

Siterubix is a subdomain offered by the wealthy affiliate for free, both the free members and the wealthy affiliate premium members can build their website for free.

If you are a free member you can only have one site build-up from, it is free, and if you upgrade to become a premium member you will have the opportunity to build and host up to 10 websites of your own.

If you first build your website on you can still be able to transfer it to the domain that you’ve registered later.

So with that, you don’t have to worry you can start building your website from the free domain, then later move it to the domain you own.

How To Build A Website At Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

There is 5  website building process that presided the niche and choose

your direction process, once you have had your niche sorted out and you have known your audience,  the next thing is to build your website.

Add engaging content to it constantly and you get the attraction of your audience and trust.

Here is the process to follow when you want to build your website :

  1. Choose the website type 

While building your website at wealthy affiliate there 2 things to choose from for example you can choose to build your website on the free

a domain that is ( or the domain that you own on your own.

You can also transfer a domain from another platform to host it at a wealthy affiliate if you do not have a domain and you want to buy a

a domain name, you can do so by registering your domain name at a wealthy affiliate.

To do that, just go to the site domains at the platform and register your domain.

Building your website at a wealthy affiliate platform gives huge advantages over building it at any other platform.

You are going to get a speed-boosting service, that is ultra-extreme speed to your website and this will make your website rank well in google and other search engines.

Google does like those websites that load faster because what that does is that it gives more user experience.

At a wealthy affiliate, you can be rest and assured that you will get more speed, security, site support 24/7 and so much more to get your website smoothly running. 

2. Register your domain name for your website 

Once you’ve chosen and know your domain the next thing to do is register your domain name that is going to be your brand name.

It is the name that your audience is going to be using to find your website through the search engines.

Without a registered domain name, your audience may not be able to find your website, remember that it will become your domain URL later on.

To register your domain name go to the site domain and type in the name that you want to use as your domain name.

Note that sometimes your chosen domain name might not be available, but there is more possibility.

If the name that you typed isn’t available, it will let you know instantly, and as I said before,  if the name you choose is not available you can

simply change the name, choose another available name, though it is advisable to use a “.COM”  for better visibility. 

3. choose your website title 

The title of your domain is the name of your domain, you want to make sure that the website title matches up with your domain.

It must be grammatically correct with your domain name with space in it.

Doing this step properly for it an important step that is going to show up in google and other search engines whenever a visitor search for your website. 

4. choose a design for your website 

 The next thing to do after the domain name registration is to choose how your website will look like.

Choose the theme that you find perfect for your website, if you are a premium member you will have access to over 4, 134 themes of high quality.

You will have one theme as a free member at wealthy affiliate to get your business up and running smoothing to the high level. 

5. Build your website 

Once you are done selecting your website theme, then you can click on create your website to build your website, it is as easy as that, you are now ready to go, your website is up and running.

You will be adding content and well continuous maintainers to make it grow. 

My final thought

Wealthy affiliate is the right place to start your online business, what

you get is the most advanced powerful hosting you will never get in any other place.

You get the most managed WordPress hosting industry, a reliable and

most specialized giving you secure, robust, fast and formidable, tools to get your business running 24/7  

Can I make money online with a website at wealthy affiliate?

 I have been with this great platform since 2017 when I am 16 years old and I have to build my website it has earned me passive income, this is what anybody can do if I can do it you can do it too.

I have learned a lot from the platform including how to build a website, how to write a blog, email marketing, affiliate marketing, how to

design a website, how to research for keywords, social marketing and so much more.

You too can join us and become your own boss, your life will never be the same again.

For how long are you going to continue with your 9 to 5 job that has been jeopardizing your life, leaving you with no freedom to decide over your life.

Would you like to create your own business online now, become your own boss, and make money?

Would you like to work at home online? if you want to know how I make more money online while working on my laptop I make money even when I am asleep,  join us here, it is free and anyone can join. 


It is all up to you, make a move stop wasting your time for nothing, be serious, think about your future, know how to make money online, without being scammed. 

wealthy affiliate is the best place in the world where you can learn how to build your own online business.

Why not join now for free here and know how to build a website by yourself, create a Business wealthy affiliate lesson 3 of phase 1 will show that. 


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