How Long Will It Take Make $4,765 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing

want to know how long it will take you to start making money with your affiliate business? here is a story that will shed light on your doubt.

This’s from normal person like me and you making it real with his affiliate business online.  This post will help you if  you are just getting started or you already into the affiliate marketing business.

Stratos has shared how he made over $4k within his business report and how you too could do the same.

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Nov 20:  from $ to $4765 per month in 3 years.

2020 has been a crazy year for everyone and mostly not for good reasons.

In all this wealthy affiliate feels like an oasis and safe even for anyone that wants to be financially independent and have a sense of security in these troubled times.

How Long Will It Take Make $4,765 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing
How Long Will It Take Make $4,765 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing

A little about me

My name is Stratos and I have been with Wealthy affilite  since the beginning of 2018

when I was looking for ways to quit my 9-5 job where I was totally disappointed and wanted to have my freedom and independence.

It was the first time I was doing this so I had no idea what to expect but when I started out I gave a promise to myself.

I will follow the training to the letter. no deviation, no experimentations. this way if it didn’t work I would know that I did everything by the book and I would feel good with myself.

One of the very first things they teach here is to blog about something you are truly passionate about.

This is of huge importance and although I could understand it in the beginning after doing this for 3 years I can assure you that if you don’t follow a niche that you are

passionate about then the chance of quitting are enormous.  and since I was not very much into creating an MMO review website I follow the path of creating a review website about technology products.

Now I need to point out that there is extreme competition in my field with some huge technology websites out there taking all the first place in Google searches. but said I will try this and see where it takes me.

So I kept writing and writing. now the more you write obviously the better. but since I already had limited time I managed to keep writing 2 articles per week. that’s it.

2 good, detailed reviews every single week with no stop and no breaks.

The first 1 and a half years was the hardest part as I had literally no traffic and very few commissions.

But around October of 2019 things started to change slowly as my traffic finally made a breakthrough. from that time till now I break record after record and you can my previous blogs on how things had improved for me in 2020.

My current status and November breakdown

And this brings us today.  Almost 3 years after I originally started. All my new post immediately appear on the first page of the

Google searches, my traffic is around 2,500 to 3,000 visitors per day and during black Friday I broke the 7, 000 visitors in a single day.

But this didn’t come overnight. it was a long and hard process and just to give you a whole picture of my website’s life in the chart below you can see my traffic from the beginning of 2018  to this day.


How Long Will It Take Make $4,765 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing
How Long Will It Take Make $4,765 Monthly With Affiliate Marketing

Each dot is a single mont for better understanding where i stand today. As you can see for more than 1 and a half years my traffic was almost nonexistent.

After the summer of 2019 things started to improve slowly. What I want to show you with this, is that I had tremendous patience all these months and I never let the statistics deviate me from my goal.

Yes, I get that this not easy for everyone. and maybe some people cannot wait that long but this is the hard truth.

There are no magic ways, no corner cuts, or magic tricks. it takes time and lots and lots of patience to succeed.

With all the above where does it bring me?

well you can see below is how my November month went and I managed not only to reach my previous record but to surpass it by far.

Mediavine : $4,392

Amazon US: $ 174

Amazon UK: $37

eBay : $90

Commission junction : $72

total: $4765

There was a time not too long ago when I was reading similar posts and I was wondering how I could make the same.

Is it even possible to make so much money online? and now here I am 3 years later making similar posts in order to inspire all those that are just trying to make their own breakthrough and gain their financial freedom.

My advice to you

Now I need to be completely honest with you. The road ahead is extremely hard.

so I will give you some advice that is exactly what I did in order to go through the initial time where you have to work extra hard with no rewards.

  1. Follow the training to the letter. if you deviate from what they teach here blame only yourself for doing so.

2. Follow Jay’s webinar. there is so much the training session teaches you. Jay’s trainings complement the Wealthy affiliate  training and provided valuable information about far more than what the training can show you.

3. Have patience. I cannot stress this enough. Most people don’t go even go through the first year. It took me 3.

It may make you, even more, depending on your niche, how much you write and how good you can write. But if you keep working on it you will reach your breakthrough eventually.

4. Quality over quantity. I am writing only 2 articles per week. And I prefer these two to be extra good than to write 4 that are so are so and so.

And all my articles are at least 3,000 to 4,00 words long but at least you should try to write 2,000 words per article to be sure.

5. There will be moments when you want to quit. I guarantee you that. and this is the moment when successful people distinguish themselves from the quitters.

You have to push through even if you don’t feel like it or when you think there is nothing else you can do.

6. Go premium and choose the yearly subscription. I couldn’t understand the value of this until I did it.

When your business will start to grow you will make major savings with the yearly subscription. But to do that it means that you are determined to succeed.

Going yearly is a commitment that should be made only if you are ready for the long run.

Do you want a brighter future?

Every day we listen to how people lose their jobs, the economy is doing worse and worse and people don’t have money even for the most basic of needs.

But affiliate marketing is on the rise even in these dark times and there is no better time to make a start.

My situation is a bright example of this. even with the pandemic hitting us all very hard I managed to break my records every single month.

There was a time I would call anyone crazy if they told me I would make more than 4,500 in a single month.

And here I am now riding high and already eyeing my next goal that is to break the $5000 mark in a single month…

Trust the system

Do you want to succeed? it’s not a complex process. You have to trust the people behind wealthy affiliates and what they teach.

Kyle, Carson, and Jay are amazing people and what they have given us here is pure gold.

It is in our hands to take advantage of the system they made in order to create our long-standing and healthy online business that can change our lives forever.

Are you ready to take that trip? are you ready to do what is needed to make it happen? ask yourself these questions and if you are then you have the essentials to start this amazing journey.

It took me 3 years to reach where I am now, to reach my goals, and to surpass my dreams.

How long it will take you?

wish you all a very nice and wonderful day!!!


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