Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job

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Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job

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Wealthy affiliate helps me make 5 figure income in 2019!

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Yes, I finally quit my C-level Job!

I know I’ve not been creating blog posts inside wealthy affiliate for a long and today, I’ve decided to write this blog post and inform you guys that I finally quit my C-level job to focus on building my blog business.

in this post, I’ll be sharing with you how I manage to do so even though I didn’t manage to sell 300 wealthy affiliate premium memberships.

before I share with you how I achieved my 5 figure income in 2019, let me first share with you a little about myself, my job, and also what makes me decide to continue my affiliate marketing journey with a wealthy affiliate.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job
Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job

My Career History

Since I graduated from my professional sturdy, like others, I started to get 9 to 5  job and work for various companies. throughout my employment career, I’ve always been an excellent employer and maybe I should say the favourite of my supervisors.

But there’s no job that can hold me back for long as I get bored easily especially when there’s a lack of learning opportunities. oh ya, I feed on knowledge.

Therefore I decided to join an existing advertising business as a partner and also started a manicure spa business. Both businesses lasted around 10  years before I decided to join the employment world due to that shift of my focus to my then 7 years old son.

Being an entrepreneur, running brick and mortar business took too much of my time and I’ve neglected my family, especially my young child (btw, I am a single mother). therefore I make this drastic decision a few years ago to end both my businesses which this decision did make sense to people that I know.

When I first rejoined the employment market, I was only given a low-level position that did not commensurate with my experience and previous income.

However, since I opted for the change, therefore I took the pay cut and started my new career from scratch.

Within 2 years I was promoted as a general manager based on excellent work performance which I worked extremely hard by taking up challenging tasks that other colleagues nor senior managers were not willing to do. it was really hard work and many time I worked till wee hours when others were still sleeping soundly.

The general manager position landed me with wealthy affiliate.

The opportunity that landed me with a wealthy affiliate came after one year I was promoted as general manager of the company.

You must be wondering what makes me willing to put in extra effort to learn about affiliate marketing after office hours when  I was already meaning the income that 90% of people are not able to achieve.

look, when I had a double leap of income growth, rather than spending money on unnecessary things like an expensive car, a bigger house, or branded stuff, I decided that was the best time to invest in education that can bring me closer to my dream of working at home.

It was my dream of achieving time and financial freedom that landed me with wealthy affiliate. despite earning a decent income, I never once forgot my dream.

so I spent my money to improved my internet marketing skill and also got myself an MBA degree. The former can help me achieve my dream lifestyle and the latter can further help me to move up my employment rank in the company I worked for to earn more money, should internet marketing journey takes a longer time.

Well, like others, after being scammed thousands of dollars from unscrupulous marketers, I finally found wealthy affiliate.

I was further promoted to chief operating officer.

While I was about to quit my GM job after some time to focus on building my blog business, I was again given the opportunity to take up a C-level position in the same company. that was a very tempting offer and therefore I decided to work for another 2 years.

However, this position was also one that is putting a knife on my neck as I was seen as the next person to replace my immediate superior. Office politics were rough, group think was strong and back-stabbings were common. these make me even more determined to strengthen my internet marketing skill so I can quit my job soon.

While I was in this C-level position, I continue to provide free social media, SEO and copywriting assistance to my work associated as additions to my official task, and this build up my reputation as a person with great internet marketing skills in my work industry.

I am great that I did not give up my dream and continue to learn from wealthy affiliate even though it was at a slower pace due to the heavy workload at the workplace.

Here is how I make 5 figure income learning from wealthy affiliate.

Since last year, I become a victim of workplace bully due to one article that I’ve written on my personal blog an article extracted from my DBA assignment (btw, I am currently taking a DBA degree).

my superior refused to listen to my explanation and yelled at me without any solid reason, thereafter took away all my authority, work, responsibility and continuously shamed me at the workplace. It was really humiliating.

I’ve got a very strong character and will never admit it’s my mistake if that is not the truth. I never succumb to unfairness and his character makes me unofficially jobless in my office. many colleagues were aware of this unfairness but due to work pressure, they dare not to go against the one with authority.

After 2 months of extreme agony and stress due to office shaming which landed me seeking psychiatric treatment, I decided to pull my self together and continue working very hard on my business blog at my workplace – since I got no work in the office.

The result was slow but it was amazing.

To tell you the truth, I make the decision to quit my C- level job without any potential stable income from wealthy affiliate last year. Many of my friends advised me against making such drastic decision but I just ignored because deep down inside me, I knew this day must come so I can focus on my journey to achieve financial and time freedom.

It was indeed a tough decision but the sweetest ever. and miracles happen!.

Immediately after I released the news of quitting, I was offered a few contracts to provide digital marketing and branding services to small businesses that I’ve helped before during my time as GM and CO.

That was when I realized apparently I’ve built a good reputation for myself throughout my career.

Imagine if I didn’t learn from wealthy affiliate or am I willing to do more to help others while having a great career and stable income, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve 5 figure income immediately after I quit my job?

That is not possible, right? if a didn’t learn from wealthy affiliate, I wouldn’t have the knowledge nor skill to help other people with internet marketing.

This is delay gratification and yes, it is the sweetest! ok, these new contracts that helped me make 5 figure income in 2019 require lots of my time and hard work but it won’t make me forgo my dream of achieving 300 premium WA sales this year.

I know it is tough, but I believe with the right attitude discipline, and determination, nothing is impossible.  ok, it is really tough and I’m still trying to figure out how to better manage my time.

Conlusison to my 5 figure icome.

The success that I achieved today is nothing but mere hard work, persistence and willingness to help others without expecting any return. Ya also never stop learning.

That’s what blog business is all about. we provide high-quality content that can help solve problems and create value for our readers without even knowing when the return will come. but in order to continuously learn.

With knowledge, only then we have the ability to help others. I never ask for any return when helping others because I believe an additional person that I can help, I am making this world a better one.

Being a Buddhist, I believe in karma- which means if a person does good, he or she will be repeated with kindness and vice-versa. that is how a miracle happened to me again and again.

When my immediate supervisor treated me unfairly, I didn’t think of revenge (even though I’ve all the proofs to make a case) but rather accepted this unfair treatment because I believe this is part of the journey that is going to lead me toward achieving my dream lifestyle.

Without humiliation and hardship, no success can be sustainable.  I hope this post can somehow or rather give you some insights on why you should start learning from wealthy affiliate those who’ve yet to join premium hesitates no more and start joining.

I guarantee if you continue learning from WA and never give up, you will definitely achieve success. it is just a matter of time and in what way it can happen. there are just so many ways to makes money internet world.

to experience miracles, you just need to put in extremely hard work, persistence, and willingness to help others coupled with that right attitude of continuous learning.

Stay positive and I wish you all the best.

Florence Ki, Malaysia


Wealthy Affiliate will change your life the best platform that truly shows you how to make money online. how about this proof a great result from a normal person like me and you check it out down below.

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I made $2843.58 in December! plus I’m about to receive $4K in affiliate commission!

It’s really cool to see all of my hard work pay off more and more.

last month I made nearly $3K in affiliate commissions! It was a very good month! I feel like my site would’ve made more money, but it is mainly profiting off digital product sales which are a little difficult for people to wrap up and put under the tree.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job
Does Wealthy Affiliate Work For Everyone To leave 9-5 Job

also, I m about to receive $4012.51!

that is $4012.51 in us dollars!

I’m a part of a niche-related affiliate program that pays out every few months. I was expecting a payout of $2000, but I was slightly off! the screenshot above shows my unpaid commissions.

Scaling things up for a bright 2016:

the past months I’ve been toying with outsourcing and learning how to get quality writers. there was a lot of tweaking but I ended up systematizing things and now I have 8 writers. it is very cool to be able to afford not having to write anymore.

I’ve also been learning PPC. I m currently launching an ebook ( and am^promoting the launch with Facebook ads. Of courses, I did a lot of testing to make sure the topic was something people were actually interested in.

The book is taking a while to write since it is a DIY niche and I have a lot of new circuitry skills to learn, but it is coming along. It is really exciting to see how engaging of an audience I’m building up. people on the DIYMidiController Facebook page have asked me to open up pre-orders which I wasn’t expecting. the FB page is getting great engagement and has over 600 likes!


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